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Share 4 Somethings

Happy Saturday!

I’m so used to posting during the week that I almost forgot about this link up.

At the end of the month, Jennifer hosts Share 4 Somethings to recap the month.

This month I’m…

Loving (watching)….The Diplomat on Netflix. I stumbled upon it last weekend, and watched three episodes. I love Keri Russell and then her husband on the show is just the best counterpart to her character.

I’m hoping to watch a few more episodes this weekend.

Reading: Earlier this week I shared what I read in April.

I’ve started Finlay Donovan is It, and it’s really good so far.

Eating: less sweets this month. Coming off of spring break and Easter, I wanted to make a conscience effort to cut down on my sweet tooth. I’ve also re-committed to getting workouts in at least four days a week.

I have a note on my phone where I’m tracking my goals.

My goals this month were: no fried foods (this isn’t really an issue for me, but since my kids love Raising Canes and CFA, I figured it was good to make an effort to not even eat that one meal a week), workout at least four days a week (even if it’s a 20 minute workout), cut out sweets. I will say I haven’t been perfect with no sweets, but I’ve definitely done way better than December-March with holidays and then just a bad habit of loving sweets!


Are y’all tired of me talking about Shop Style Your Senses yet? I have this ruffle workout tank in three colors, and I love it so much.

I love the ruffle detail and the high/low style. This top is one of the pieces they designed, and they were so intentional about the style details. You can even style it a variety of ways.

*full disclosure* I don’t love these photos of me, but I love this athleisure top enough to share!

So, that’s a little look back on this month.

I hope your weekend is off to a great start!

10 thoughts on “Share 4 Somethings

  1. Love the athleisure top! I’m also going to cut out sweets etc for at least the next few weeks. We have some events in the next month, and even if I just cut out a little bit, it helps with how I look in pictures. Have a good weekend.

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  2. Why does that have to be a workout tank! It’s so cute and I love the color and the pictures of you are also great!
    I missed this on Saturday – oops. I was so busy I forgot to go back and see all that had linked up!

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