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Monthly Musings

Hello and happy Thursday.

Since this month is wrapping up, it’s time for Patty and Holly’s Monthly Musing link up.

This month’s topic is: All About Spring

We’ve hit a cold snap this week, but thankfully the sun has been shining. I know spring weather is fickle, but I much prefer the warmer days!

1. Favorite spring fashion pieces?

Whenever this topic is asked, I always share a cardigan. Cardigans…it’s “giving” teacher fashion. When the weather starts to turn warmer, I start wearing cardigans over my dresses.

2. Favorite spring scent?

I love candles, and we always have at least one burning in the house. I always choose “lighter/fresher” scents like citrus and floral.

3. Go to spring meals?

Well, we’re so busy in the spring, I feel like I’m using my slower cooker still quite a bit. That being said, it’s always great when we can start grilling out! It’s just nice to have chicken or burgers and hot dogs and then serve quick and easy sides like baked beans, fruit, or pasta salad.

4. Spring dessert recipe

The first thing that popped in my mind is strawberry shortcake. We probably do eat that more in the summer though. I did make Shay’s Fruity Pebbles Nieman Marcus bars recently, and they were delish.

5. Spring traditions

Some favorite spring traditions are dyeing Easter eggs, going to Keeneland, and watching the Oaks and Derby.

6. Spring cleaning hack

Lauren shared about decluttering and getting rid of something (trash or donate) and the number correlates with the day of the month. I started a bit late in April, but I did spend at least a week being intentional with going through junk drawers, random drawers I rarely open, my closet, the kids’ closets, the basement, and more. I still need to go through my dresser drawers and a few things in the garage, but at least I made the effort to “spring clean” a bit.

7. Will you plant a garden this year?

I’m not sure if we will or not. Anything in the yard is Trav’s domain. We’ve only done a garden a few times, but we’ll see.

8. Spring rain…love or hate?

I love a rainy Saturday or Sunday when there are no plans. I joke that it gives me “permission to be lazy.” If it’s raining, I can sleep in and do things around the house. That being said, of course, I hate when we have outdoor plans and it rains. For example, the kids have an outside field trip today that’s TBD due to the rain. I’m worried that tomorrow night’s track meet will be in yet another torrential downpour.

9. Favorite spring flower?

I always love when Trader Joe’s has their peonies in late spring/early summer.

10. Any spring travel plans?

Well, we already did our spring travelling when we went to Greenville, SC earlier this month. We loved it.

We don’t have any other travel plans for this spring. As a matter of fact, we still haven’t planned summer vacation yet!

This link up is always a fun one. I can’t wait to see what other people have to say.

Thanks so much for reading,

8 thoughts on “Monthly Musings

  1. I bet I would love those Fruity Pebbles bars! Yum! I know- rain is coming tonight and most of day tomorrow I think. I agree about a rainy Saturday! I also love a rainy summer day especially in the morning. I love to take my coffee on the covered patio and listen to the rain. I think meals can be so much easier in the spring and summer because you don’t have to always make hot food.
    Ok, it’s already Thursday – we’ve got this! I will hope you don’t get the field trip rained out or have a rainy track meet!


    1. I love a rainy summer day too. I will sit on the front porch if I can on any drizzly day. I agree about spring/summer meals. Kids’ field trip got postponed for now…track meet looks like it has potential to have minimal to no rain. I’m soooo tired. This time of the year is getting to me!


  2. Oh I just love peonies; though up here those tend to bloom at the very end of spring/early summer. Those photos from your spring vacation all look so lovely; what a beautiful area.

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    1. Sometimes when Travis mentions grilling out, I have to remind myself that the sides can be easy…I can’t wait for watermelon season. That’s always the best and easier side dish 🙂


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