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Crumbl Cookie


Today’s post is kind of random, but do you have a Crumbl Cookie near you? We’ve had one in Lexington for probably a year or so, and over spring break the kids wanted to try it. Well, we never had time to get there, but this weekend, Hadley mentioned it. We were out running errands, so we stopped in.

I saw this meme over the weekend…and it goes nicely with this post.

While these cookies weren’t “medium rare,” they are baked fresh and decorated as you pick up your order.

There’s a Crumbl Cookie app where you can see what the flavors are for the week. You can also use the app to place a pickup order.

We just ordered right when we went in the store. They have a few kiosks where you choose how many cookies you want (one, four, six, or party box) and which flavors you want. You pay, and then they put your cookies in one of their pretty pink boxes for you to take home.

We were in and out in ten minutes or less. Hadley was so excited:

The flavor options this time were:

  • Milk chocolate chip
  • Cotton candy
  • Peanut butter munch
  • Birthday cake (Oreo)
  • Caramel Shortbread
  • Classic pink sugar

The only one we didn’t order was the caramel shortbread; instead we picked up two peanut butter munch.

On the drive home, Hadley was watching some Crumbl Cookie Instagram reels/stories, and one guy rated the cotton candy one 3/10. Hadley was nervous. ๐Ÿ˜‚

We split them up and each tried a bit of some over the weekend.

As far as favorites, Travis and Hadley loved the peanut butter munch. It was really good…you could taste the mix of peanut butter and chocolate.

Hayden’s favorite was the birthday cake oreo.

The cotton candy one was a sugar cookie, but the icing really did taste like cotton candy. We all thought it was better than a 3/10…but not one that you’d want all the time.

My favorite was the sugar cookie. It’s just a classic taste, and the icing was so good. Honestly, a close second was the chocolate chip. Delish.

I think they have some of the cookies all of the time — like the chocolate chip and sugar cookies. I just looked at this week’s menu includes those two and cookies and cream milkshake, strawberry cupcake, buttermilk pancake, and triple chocolate chip.

Hadley even said it would be fun if you were having a birthday party to let the guests choose which cookie they’d like rather than getting cupcakes. I think she’s on to something!

Do you have a Crumbl Cookie near you? If so, what’s your favorite flavor? I’m sure we’ll go back and will want to try other flavors.

12 thoughts on “Crumbl Cookie

  1. The pink frosted sugar cookie was my fave! I also looked up a recipe for one giant cookie that was a copycat and made that on my one true snow day. I made it in my airfryer since I had no oven! I like the fact that they are a bit underbaked. I can’t just eat part of one so I haven’t been back to Crumbl since the one time I went. Well, I went for the grand opening and then I went once more.
    I really like Hadley’s idea for a party. I think girls her age prefer these to cupcakes!

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  2. The one by us also donates their day olds to different organizations. We got over 100 cookies for our school dance and are getting more for teacher appreciation.

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  3. We have one in our city, but thankfully, its about a 40 minute drive from us. My teenage daughter loves them too! I am in total agreement with you: the sugar cookie followed by the chocolate chip cookie are the best!

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