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Fashion Files

Hello and Happy Thursday!

I’ve shared a few What I Wore Wednesday posts, but thought I’d link up with Kellyann and Jill this time for Fashion Files.

Here are a few outfits over the past couple of weeks…starting with a few school outfits.


I got this heart sweater last year, and I’ve made a point to wear it a few times over the past month. It comes in a few colorways. I usually wear it with black pants or jeans.

This blouse was in one of my Stitch Fix boxes. I never buy myself blouses…button downs, sweaters, sweatshirts, yes…blouses…very rarely…and I’m not sure why…but most of the time, I keep a blouse that’s sent in my Stitch Fix box.

In these two photos, I’m wearing different black pants, but the same leopard flats that I got at Walmart a couple of years ago. I wear them often.

I loved this outfit because I felt comfy, cute and put together. Matilda Jane ruffles are my favorite, and I’ve had this tan turtleneck for years. I think it’s from Loft. I picked up these tan ballet flats a few years ago at Kohls, and they are always so comfy on my feet.

Last week, I tried to wear pink a couple of times leading up to Valentine’s Day. My pink Aerie sweatshirt is one I wear often…at both school and at home. This time I wore it with jeggings and my tan loafers.

Then, I wore one of my favorite sweaters of the season…this pink turtleneck sweater. I paired the sweater with this pair of navy polka dot pants that I got years ago at Old Navy. I love them because they button, but they stretch! The weather has been so mild that I’ve hardly worn boots this winter…and have been able to wear my mules more than I thought I would at this point in the year.


Here are a couple of weekend looks.

I ordered this quilted pullover from Shop Style Your Senses and have zero regrets. I couldn’t love it more. I’ve worn it to school with a long sleeve black shirt, gray leopard leggings, and then on Saturday to Hadley’s volleyball tournament in a bit more casual way. Both times, I wore my Shu Shop sneaks.

On Super Bowl Sunday, I wore my Chiefs sweatshirt that I ordered from Etsy shop, Sweet Momma Blair, last year. Since the weather was so mild, and I was being lazy/comfy, I wore my favorite Amazon joggers. I ordered these in the spring of 2020. I had them in two colors, but I donated the gray version I bought when I purged my closet/clothes in June. This is the first time I’ve regretted getting rid of something. I decided to order them again in dark gray/black yesterday. I know they will get a lot of wear in the spring. I also wore my favorite New Balance tennis shoes…these are not my workout tennis shoes, but ones I wear often more casually. I also ordered them in the spring of 2020. 😂

This week:

To keep it real and to keep me humble, this has been my outfit this week:

Unfortunately, Covid ran through our house this past couple of weeks and it was my turn…my sinus issues also turned into a sinus infection. Thankfully, I’m headed back to school today. I can’t wait to put on real clothes again.

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13 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I love when you share outfits. I really like your tan loafers. I feel like I could benefit from some different comfy school shoes for this in between season. I have hardly worn boots either/neither/too! None of these sounds right! I am wearing a blouse today and then going back to a sweater for the cold tomorrow I guess. I buy lots of blouses because they work in fall, winter, and spring for me (and sometimes summer). I love putting a fancier blouse with jeans, too. I just like that look.
    I am glad you get to be with the living again today. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick! Maybe you will get those powerful antibodies from this and be stronger than ever!

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    1. I didn’t really realize I wasn’t wearing boots until I started looking at my photos…but it’s been more mild now too. Thanks. I guess I should be good to go for a while now. Haha I’m glad to be feeling better.


  2. Funny enough I have what I thought was the same sweater as your first photo… but the material and fit are so completely different! You have lots of cute outfits and I’m glad you’re finally feeling better.

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  3. I have a cute beige sweatshirt with a pink glittery heart on it and only think to wear it on Valentine’s Day. What is wrong with me?? Need to get that thing out and wear it on the regular. Love that you wore your heart sweater often before the big day.

    That pullover with the ruffle at the shoulders is just adorable. I am going to follow your link to check it out. Love ruffles. And on a pullover vest like that, they are kind of unexpected fun.

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