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Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day!

A few festive touches:

I realized I never shared my Valentine’s Day decorations with you, but honestly, they are exactly the same as last year!

I change out the garden flag and door hanger…

….and then add in a few little touches in the living room and kitchen.

The XOXO banner is one I’ve used for a couple of years.

…and that’s about it! I will probably leave the outside things up the rest of February, but take down the inside stuff this weekend.

V-Day photo:

Well, we went from this:

…to this in the blink of an eye…

Every year, I take a pic of the kids and use it for a Valentine’s Day card for family. Most years, I use a snow day pic for the card, but other years, we seem to have more mild temps, so I have to take what I can get.

Here’s our card this year:

…and that’s about it. I bought donuts for the kids for breakfast this morning, and picked them up a couple of gifts and some candy. I’m sure they’ll feel the love 😉

Travis and I were supposed to go out to dinner on Saturday night for an early Valentine’s Day dinner, but I was under the weather. So, we’re hoping to try again this weekend. We’ll see.

Do you have any big Valentine’s Day plans?

13 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

    1. I’d forgotten hadley has that sweatshirt…she’s wearing it again today. I usually put things out at breakfast but slept in because I’m still sick…but I told them I’d have a few things for them after school.


  1. Love your little touches and the idea to send a card. So smart! I am digging out my minimal St. Patrick’s Day decor this weekend. I love it! I have always loved St. Paddy’s Day. Tom and I had a reservation for tonight, but I told him I couldn’t handle it on a school night – lol. We changed it to Sunday at 5 before the Superbowl and it worked out great. Tonight I am making pork chops, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes. These are all things Tom loves and that I don’t make that often.
    Uh oh – did you get the thing that Travis had? I hope you are feeling better! Order a heart shaped pizza if you don’t feel up to anything else?

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    1. I love that you do st patty’s day decor.
      Yes- it’s my turn…I think hayden was the only one left unscathed. I definitely have sinus infection on top of it.
      Tonight, we are having heart shaped nuggets and the TJ mac and cheese hadley loves.


  2. So cute! I love your front door hanger and flag. I keep forgetting I have a yard flag stand with seasonal flags! It gets moved when the grass gets mowed, and someone never puts it back. I’m rolling my eyes. I love the Valentine’s day card idea!

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  3. Your decorations are all so cute! I bought each of the boys a box of chocolates and have a date night planned for this weekend– though I should probably tell my husband that second one.

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