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Family Movie Night


Well, I often feel like my family is always on the go and that we spend very little quality time together. Honestly, I probably don’t give us enough credit, but I thought it would be a good idea to set an intentional goal to watch at least one movie a month together as a family…so we’d have less of this:

We started the year off strong, and then you know the saying…”best laid plans…” Anyway, in general, we did spend more time together watching movies this year. I will take what I can get.

This meme is for Hayden…lol:

Obviously, the main goal was to have all four of us watch the movie, and that did happen most of the time!

Here are the movies we watched this year:


On a snow day in January, the kids and I watched Sing 2. It was one of those movies that Hadley and I started watching and Hayden ended up joining us. We all loved it.


We watched Home Team. It was a funny movie that we all enjoyed.


The Cheaper by the Dozen remake was so good!


We watched the Adventures in Babysitting movie and enjoyed it.


May was a busy month. We didn’t even up watching a movie at home but we went to see the new Top Gun in the theater with friends. It was a definitely a must see movie! (especially in the theater)


In June, Hadley & I watched Sneakerella. It was a cute movie.

As a family, we went with a classic: Big Daddy. I think both kids had seen it before, but it’s still such a laugh out loud movie.

One evening, I watched Goonies with Hayden. We both have seen that movie many times and love it.


One night, while Hadley was at camp, I watched Jurassic Park (original) with Hayden. Again, it’s one we’d both seen before, but will watch it again and again.

Once Hadley got home from camp, she chose Family Camp for our family movie…and Hayden vowed to never let her choose a movie again! haha

It was just ok.


Well the busyness of back to school got to us, and we didn’t sit down to watch a movie together.


In September, we started off strong Labor Day weekend. We saw Grease at the drive in with friends, the kids saw Jaws (in 3D) with cousins, and Travis and I watched the Elvis movie at home. (Unpopular opinion: I didn’t like it.)


Well, this was kind of a random viewing month with not much time. The kids watched the new Hocus Pocus and The Addams Family on fall break.


On Thanksgiving night, Hadley chose Uncharted (because of her love for Tom Holland). I hadn’t heard of it, but we all loved it!


Of course, December is filled with some Christmas movies. Over break, I finally had time to watch a few, and Hadley watched some with me.

One of my favorite movies is While You were Sleeping, and Hadley watched it for the first time with me. Then, we watched another one of my favorites: You’ve Got Mail. (not a holiday movie, but one I always watch on break). Hadley enjoyed both, but said While You were Sleeping was better.

As a family, we watched Home Alone one evening…

….and A Christmas Story on Christmas night.

While in KC, we all watched Glass Onion at my mom’s house, and we all loved it.

While some months, we didn’t see a movie as a family, I think we still were pretty successful carving out time to hang and view some pretty good movies.

Fun fact: my favorite movie of all time is The Parent Trap (original) I watched it over break too.

What’s a great family movie you love?

17 thoughts on “Family Movie Night

  1. We actually had a list of required movies before our kids turned 18. Tom wrote it out in a notebook and I have no idea where it is now. We didn’t make it through all of them, but we had a lot of fun listing and watching as many as we could. Our kids have seen all the 80s classics! They are very into movies and like to talk about shots and filming and lighting. I love that you are doing this!

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    1. I love that you had a list. Great idea. Travis and Hayden have watched classics like Stand by Me, Field of Dreams, etc . I loved that Hadley watched a couple of my faves with me over break.


  2. We used to have a family movie night every Friday night when the kids were all in elementary and middle school and we introduced them to all the movies we could remember from our own childhoods as well as watching new ones that came out. We enjoyed Uncharted as well. Another one all my boys liked was Mom’s Night out (we watched it since it was directed by 2 homeschooled boys we’d heard about through our homeschooling community). It was pretty funny.

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  3. Family movie night is such a great tradition! It gets harder as the kids get older, and everyone has “devices.” Loved seeing your list. We will probably watch the Knives Out movie tonight.

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    1. We used to watch Charlie Brown at Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I miss having that tradition when they were little. I hadn’t even heard of the Knives Out movie and was planning on reading my book while they watched it…but was sucked in immediately 😂


  4. I love this! We were inspired by you and are watching a movie tonight. My guys aren’t big movie watchers, but if I can find the right one they’ll watch. I’m not a big movie watcher either, to be honest. I’m more of a reader in the same room while the tv/movie/sporting event are on.
    Either way, the family time is always good!

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    1. I I agree. I love to watch sports but will sometimes read while they watch. That being said, if sports are on, hadley ends up in her room or elsewhere so I’m glad we could watch some movies as a family but I also love that she will watch a movie with me 🙂


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