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All About Christmas…

fun, traditions, and festivities.

Happy Monday! How was your Christmas? We had a hectic but good one. Once school was out on December 16th, we started to pack in all things Christmas leading up to the 25th.

We baked cookies. Hadley made Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle cookies, and Hayden made Peanut butter Blossoms.

I joked that the Life Essentials class sure is paying off. They basically did all the baking on their own.

I picked up a couple of cookies from one of our favorite cookie decorators. This is always a fun tradition.

Last weekend, we went to a couple of Christmas parties. Travis and I went to one that our friends always host. Then, last Sunday, Hadley and I went to a mom/daughter pj and popcorn movie night with friends. Hadley insisted that we match, and we so happened to have similar plaid pj pants…and Merry and Bright sweatshirts.

The mom who hosted had fun socks, popcorn, hot chocolate, (and wine) for us to enjoy while we watched Spirited on Netflix. The girls lasted half of the movie, but the moms finished it. It was a great night.

We went to the Horse Park for Southern Lights.

Hadley made a gingerbread house. Again, times have changed…she did this all on her own.

Hadley also went to a cookie decorating class with friends. It was a fundraiser for a friend’s little sister’s Girl Scout troop.

The tradition continued with the kids picking out a gift for each other. I took Hadley one day and Travis took Hayden one evening to pick those out.

We had dinner out on Wednesday night. This isn’t really a tradition, but we planned ahead to make a reservation, and I’m glad we did. It was a nice evening out.

Once we got home, the kids convinced us to let them open their gifts from each other. We figured, “why not?”

Then, we watched Home Alone.

And enjoyed some cake.

Earlier in the day, I made Shay’s Peppermint Mocha Bundt Cake per tradition.

Speaking of Christmas movies, once break started, I got my movie watching game face on. I made a point to watch at least one Christmas movie a day.

I watched:

  • The Noel Diary (on Netflix)
  • Spirited (mom/daughter night)
  • The Holiday
  • While You Were Sleeping – Hadley watched this with me (and Hayden watched the last half) It’s one of my all time favorite movies, and Hadley had never seen it. While many may not think of it as a Christmas movie, it’s set during Christmas, and I watch it every year)
  • Christmas with You (on Netflix) – This one popped up in my feed. I crushed hard Freddie Prinze, Jr. in high school and college. This movie was cute!
  • You’ve Got Mail- Again, not really a Christmas movie but one I watch every year on break. Hadley watched it with me.
  • Home Alone– a family favorite
  • A Christmas Prince (on Netflix)
  • A Christmas Story– a Christmas Day tradition

Christmas Eve Dinner:

We had to celebrate our Christmas early, so I thought about trying something different and maybe just have appetizers instead of a full dinner. Hadley White wasn’t having that idea. So, we had our traditional salmon, Bob Evans potatoes, Caesar salad and then more cake for dessert.

Christmas Morning:

We had a nice “Christmas” morning. The kids slept in a bit. We opened gifts, stockings, and had a simple breakfast. Times sure have changed since the early wake up times with the kids along with Legos and Barbies for presents. That being said, it still was a great Christmas, of course.

I always look forward to Trav’s gift tags. He always writes funny things on mine. This year, Hadley elf helped him write them.

I didn’t know he’d ordered these watercolor images of the kids. They loved them, and I cried. We can’t wait to hang them up.

We had frigid temps and snow (like much of the country) so it was a good day to stay inside until we visited Trav’s family and then my family.

I always think of break as two halves – before Christmas and after Christmas. I really enjoy the week leading up to Christmas because we pack in the Christmas fun and traditions. Also, I like having the time to wrap presents, run errands, stay home if I want, watch movies, and more. After Christmas, it’s time to get organized, put decorations away, and at some point start thinking about school again. Anyway, I still have a whole week left of break, and we’ll make the most of it, I’m sure.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great week ahead.

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12 thoughts on “All About Christmas…

  1. What a great week! There are so many good things to talk about here…I love what your husband writes on his gift bags! That’s hilarious. I LOVE that Hadley wanted you to have a matching sweatshirt with her for your girls movie night- and that sounds like it was a fun night as well. The watercolor paintings of your kids doing what they love are beautiful…what a thoughtful gift! I would have cried too. I’m glad you had a wonderful week of Christmas!

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  2. You really did pack it in! I’m glad the snow didn’t stop you all or you would have been sad, I’m sure. I love your matching movie night outfits. The white crocs on Hadley are cute. I like the tradition of a nice meal out and want to do that, too. So, about the movies. I love The Holiday, You’ve Got Mail, and While you were. I only like the England part of The Holiday. I just don’t like the Jack Black with Kate Winslet part. He! I’m bad. But the England part – OMG! I might try to watch The Noel Diaries. I binged Harry and Meghan, Emily in Paris (probably my fave season), something called I am Georgina about the partner of Cristiano Ronaldo. I really did some major tv watching.
    I see break in two parts, as well. After Christmas, I am ready to take all the decor down and focus on January hygge – white lights still up wherever I can put them, candles, blankets, fresh, clean, organized.
    I’m glad you posted today! I will be back Wednesday, I think, with a recap and then the rest of the week I want to do some “Best of” posts or at least one.

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    1. I’m glad it all worked out for us too. I’m forever tired…maybe I will get rest in the new year 😂 I prefer the England part of holiday too. Love Jude law. Travis and I finished Harry and Meghan too. I haven’t seen any Emily in Paris but have heard good things! I hadn’t heard of the Ronaldo one but am interested for sure. Will add these to my list 🙂 I will be ready to unpack, put away and simplify soon. It’s always nice to start the new year with everything out back in its place. I hope you had a very merry Christmas


      1. I hope you have some down time now! You probably really need it. Yes to the England and Jude Law – swoon-worthy! I can’t believe Travis watched H and M with you. Emily in Paris is super cheesy. The best part is Paris and the clothing. I think I actually liked season 3 the best. I am re-reading all of my January blog posts from last year and I was craving minimalism then, too. I guess that is always a theme.

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  3. You have fantastic Christmas traditions! I am really wishing we had a week off before Christmas and after Christmas. It is such a lovely balance of fun activities and rest. The mother daughter party looks so fun with the matching sweatshirts. I’m glad the freezing weather didn’t hold you guys back this year! Merry Christmas!

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  4. I always think of Christmas in two parts too, but this year school wasn’t over until the 23rd, so the before part wasn’t much! Instead we have an extra long “after” part. Love seeing the Christmas morning photos!

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    1. The 16th felt early but the 23rd would be soo late. (Especially since that’s when we do trav’s family Christmas, and some years travel to kc) next year, I think we go until the 20th or something like that. Anyway, I hope you have a great second half of break!


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