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Monday Memes

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours seemed extra busy. Friday after school started with the kids going in separate directions. Eventually, Hadley had an overnight a friend’s house, and Hayden went to a football game. Saturday was spent out in the heat at Hayden’s cross country meet. Then, Sunday was full of all the things: church, volleyball, science projects, errands, and more!

We’re ready for another full week of school, but first I’m sharing some of the memes that made me laugh this month…


The “Sunday scaries” are the worst in August…It’s so hard getting back in a routine.


Sit down, stay humble! 😉


Y’all know I love the GG. This meme with Dorothy is the best!




So true!


I rarely turn to Netflix for movies. Obviously, there are shows and documentaries, but I always feel like I search for a movie, I never find one that I want to watch. Remember the OG Netlfix when they sent you three movies to watch at a time? The good old days.


Life…especially on a Monday!


My kids demolish a box (and the bag) of cereal on the regular. Drives me crazy!

Can you relate to any of these memes? I hope they started your week off with a laugh or two!

Tomorrow, I hope to share the books I read this month if I can get the post finished. It was a great month of reading.

Have a great day,

10 thoughts on “Monday Memes

  1. All of them are relatable! I did not have enough down time this weekend and that scares me going in to another 5 day week! I am ready for the 3 day weekend! That is bad before the week has even begun. It’s hard to believe we are starting our 4th week of school. Have a great day!


  2. I saw the ziploc/cereal one on Twitter and then I saw a response that said it’s not possible to get the ziploc to attach to the plastic bags used to keep the cereal fresh. So there you go! Interesting!

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