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Hello Monday

Hello {Monday!}

Ahh…Mondays in the summer are the best, and I’m afraid to count how many we have left. No many.

I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah to share about our weekend.

Here’s a peek at the weekend:

Well, Friday was the first day I left the house since Monday. I kind of unintentionally stayed home all day Tuesday just to tackle things around the house, and I had an online PD most of the day. Then…

We seriously can’t catch a break around here. From earlier in the summer when I had Covid and then before our vacation Hadley had strep (again) and the stomach issues…well, on Wednesday, I woke up having what felt like a pretty mild stomach bug along with being really tired. I made it through Wednesday, but hardly slept Wednesday night because then I felt like I had the flu. I never did have a fever, but I was achy, chilled, tired with a headache. I’ve taken a couple of Covid tests and they were negative, so I guess I caught some kind of bug. Thankfully, no one else in my family got it.

Flash forward to Friday, and I needed to (continue to) get caught up on life. Hayden and I stopped by the library for books for everyone….While I’ve done a great job reading this summer, my kids need to hit the 7th grade summer reading list!

Then, Hayden and I headed to the mall because I had an Aerie return. We stopped in a couple of places for him and then got lunch at the food court. Hayden and I had quite a bit of time together this week because Hadley was at camp.

When we got home, I headed to the pool by myself for two hours. I was panicking because I felt my tan fading! 😂

Y’all, I couldn’t resist and bought this Amazon cover up again…I now have it in blue and navy. I wore the blue one so much on vacation, that I knew I’d want it in another color too.

Amazon affiliate link

This stage with my kids is both great and bittersweet. They hang with their friends quite a bit in the summer which is wonderful…and then that means that I have time to run errands or read by the pool for a bit. With Hadley gone and Travis at work, Hayden hung out with friends, and I went to the pool solo for a bit.

Then, I came home, showered and headed to Hayden’s basketball game. It was his best game of the season!

Then, we went to a favorite restaurant for dinner with friends.

Then, Travis and I sat on our back patio for a bit before going to bed.

I guess I still needed the rest because I slept until 9:00!

Hadley caught a ride home from camp and headed straight to volleyball camp that was from 9-5.

So, last Saturday, we got home at 10:30 pm from our vacation, and then Sunday morning Travis headed straight to the horse sale. So, I got Hadley ready for camp and drove to and from. I was running on fumes by Sunday evening!

Here she is in her cabin at drop off.

Needless to say, she didn’t miss us one bit. She had the best time. The camp posts photos late every night, so every morning, I searched for photos with her smiling face. We missed her, but I’m happy knowing she’s happy.

When I finally saw her Saturday night after volleyball camp, I asked her if camp was for two weeks would she have stayed, and she said, “yes!”

Next year’s age group is boys and girls combined. I think I need to convince Hayden to go at the same time!

Anyway, while she was at volleyball camp, I did my workout, when to dance team meeting and then had a nail appointment. I usually do gel nails when I get them done, but this is my second round of SNS. I do love that they last longer, but I just hate having to get them soaked off.

When I got home, Trav’s brother was over with his boys, so they were all busy. I was able to read for a few minutes, but Homer was trying to convince me to take a nap! I resisted the urge.

We picked up Hadley up from volleyball camp and headed straight to meet the cousin crew for pizza dinner.

It hit the spot.

Once we got home, I had to tackle all the camp stuff. There’s always lots of laundry and then re-organization of supplies to be ready to roll for next year.

Everyone showered (Hadley went first!), and then I hit the hay early.

Sunday morning, I slept in a bit again. Travis and I had our coffee and watched some shows while the kids slept in. Hadley slept until 10:00, and we had to wake Hayden at 10:30.

We spent most of the day in Louisville with family celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday.

What were you up to this weekend? Summer seems to be flying by!

14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. What a nice weekend! I see what you mean about summer being bittersweet— my kids are still young enough that they need me all day and I’d kill for a chance to read by myself at the pool… but I don’t want that too often! That picture of Hadley at camp is so sweet! I hope she had a great time.

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    1. The past few summers, they’ve been more independent but I could always say, “they still need me”…but this summer felt a bit more lopsided on the Independence 🥲


  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I had some crazy noro-virus a couple months ago and it was one of the worst things I’ve ever had. I am such a baby when it comes to anything stomach related!

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  3. Ugh – I’m sorry you were under the weather! Is SNS gel? Your nails look great! I don’t mind the application, but the remover is so horrible to me. I have had naked natural nails most of the summer but then either do white or blue if I’m going out. Everytime I show a blog photo with my nails in it, they look so bad. Oh well. I guess I’m letting them breathe mostly.
    The weather was so blah yesterday in Lou, but we needed the rain.
    I peeped an Ale 8 in your cousin restaurant photo!

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    1. The weather was blah. We were supposed to go to mike linnings but decided to just stay at her house for dinner. SNS is the dip powder. When I do gel, I like that I get 2+ weeks out of them but then I can peel them off 😂 SNS last a long time but you have to soak off. I will say, I was at nail place off 40 min for soak + new nails so I guess it really isn’t that long. Yes – hayden likes Ale 8…I still haven’t tried it


      1. I got too much sun Saturday so I was ok with a blah day. I have never been to Mike Linnig’s – it’s super far from our house. None of my friends really talk about it, but I know that some lifelong Louisvillians love it. Ah – I understand about the nails. Some years I do dip or gel at the beginning of the school year – a few days before it starts so it is one less thing to think about and it’s a little treat. You need to take a sip! Girl!

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  4. Glad you were only feeling under the weather for a day or two; and that it held off until you got home! I’m doing all the running around and laundry today. Despite having a washing machine and doing most of our laundry as we went each day I still found myself with several loads to do today. We finally heard about Alec’s summer reading today too so I hit up the library as well and hopefully he’ll finish up in no time. He’s a quick reader and they can pick any book they want as long as it’s a high school level novel.


  5. Busy summer weekends are still better than cold “gotta get that done” winter weekends — ha! I loved the age your kids are at. . .they were independent and knew how they wanted to fill their time but still there was plenty of “help me with this” time in there too. Now they are ALL out on their own, doing their own thing and it is lonely. Enjoy every last hour of what is left of this summer 🙂

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