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Monday Memes

Hello? How was your weekend? We had the best summer weekend. Travis and I went to dinner for our anniversary on Friday.

Saturday, we spent the day at the lake, and then yesterday I wrapped up the weekend at the New Kids on the Block concert with some of my friends! I will share more about all of those activities soon.

Since it’s the last Monday of the month (*sigh*), I’m sharing the best memes I saw this month!


This one literally made me LOL.


Y’all, this weekend about took me out! So much fun, but I can’t persevere like I used to!


The English teacher in me laughed at this one.


Nothing better than having less dishes to clean while cooking and baking.


This one goes with #4!


Relatable….especially before my first cup of coffee…


This summer, I’ve become less and less presentable as I drop off and pick up my kids from their morning activities.


Why am I such a worry wart?


Thankfully, our temps have cooled a bit, but we are to the point where we could use some rain.


So much extra trash in the summer…

I hope these provided a laugh or two.

Have a great Monday!

7 thoughts on “Monday Memes

  1. You found the best memes this week and all of them are so relatable! I love the measuring cup one! And, I scheduled a did a day and an evening thing on Saturday and now I remember why I don’t do that normally! Where is all this trash and recycling coming from? And the dishes?

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      1. I know! I am really trying to get motivated to declutter! I have done my spices and medicines so far. This involves more trash when you do this. But, just the daily trash has increased so much.

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