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Hello Monday

Hello (Monday!)

I’m linking up with Sarah and Holly to share about the weekend.

Well….let me start with Thursday. 🥴

Week before last, I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling well but was negative for Covid. Well, that changed on Thursday.

Since Monday, June 6 (my first day of summer after running credit recovery summer school), I’ve felt run down, tired, occasionally achy and had some congestion. Before my mom came to visit, I took an at home test and was negative. I continued feeling off and took afternoon naps, and actually felt pretty normal over the weekend she visited. Then, last Monday, I started having ups and downs. That being said, it isn’t uncommon for me to be sick at the end of the school year. The entire spring is busy at school and with my kids’ activities, and I struggle with seasonal allergies so combined with the negative test, I just thought that was it.

Last week, I even turned to Google and briefly thought I had mono symptoms 😅 On Thursday morning, I sat down to drink my coffee and told Trav I thought I’d go ahead and call the doctor. Then, I decided to take one more test before being the patient that goes into the doctor’s appointment saying, “I don’t have Covid.” Well, that test lit up quickly…it’s been a long time since I’ve seen two lines on a stick…and I wasn’t pleased this time.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to do considering the protocol now is five days of quarantine once symptoms present, and I was at 10 days since symptoms started! I’ve been quarantining in the bedroom with Homer just to be on the safe side. I wanted to keep my distance from Trav and the kids for five days in hopes that even if I was still contagious, I wouldn’t pass it to them. Once Travis saw my bucket of skincare products, he figured it would be easier if I just stayed in our room where all my things are instead of sending me to the basement .

My lack of physical affection and continued distancing from most has hopefully worked in others’ favor. Since the end of school, I’ve actually been wearing a mask for indoor errands most of the time because I didn’t want to get sick before vacation.

I guess this is what I get for trying…and I blame summer school! 😂

I’m thankful that I just feel like I have bad allergies/cold with a side of being tired.

Friday was action packed with lots of naps, reading, tv, and some patio time with Homer.

That evening, Trav and kids went to family night at the pool while I continued to binge Schitt’s Creek.

This weekend’s weather was gorgeous, and I spent lots of time outside.

Most of Saturday was spent at Hayden’s track meet.

Travis and kids went out for a patio pizza dinner with Trav’s brother and his boys while I ate Chipolte dinner in bed while watching tv.

On Father’s Day, we all slept in. Travis and I slept until 9:00, and Hadley got up a bit before 10:00. Then, they woke Hayden.

Hadley went and picked up the cookie cake we ordered (our neighbor makes them)

Then, Travis opened his gifts from the kids.

I got the traditional Father’s Day photo before they left for lunch.

I got this outtake …

…which reminded me of my favorite Father’s Day photo from 2011.

They went to lunch and ran some errands. Bless Travis — he tackled Target on Father’s Day with two 12-year-olds! Somehow, Hadley came home with three swimsuits…Hayden had lots to say about that. 😂

They brought me home a Sonic cherry limeade which made me happy.

Homer and I continued to have lots of quality time together.

Homer is literally my spirit animal.

Travis grilled his own Father’s Day dinner, and the kids helped with clean up. That’s probably how it would have been anyway. The cookie cake was a great way to end the day.

Honestly, I had high hopes of doing my summer closet purge while being confined to my room the past four days, but I’ve continued to choose reading, naps, and Netflix above all else.

Again, I feel thankful to really not feel that bad. That being said, I’d been “pushing through” the symptoms, and now that I know what’s been dragging me down, I’ve given myself permission to relax and rest more.

I hope you have a great Monday.

14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Ugh! I’m so sorry! I hope you can still go on your vacation. That is so weird how this strain? Shows negative first. That is what everyone I know has said! And, the ups and downs? So weird. My friend only quarantined for 5 days after the positive test and then wore a mask in public places. Hope this means no one else in your family is going to get it this time.


    1. My ups and downs were just I thought I felt better and then apparently didn’t 😂 like I’d overdue it and need a nap. I guess maybe I tested too soon. Just like anything- flu, pregnancy, etc 😂 yes just quarantine 5 days but even that’s at start of symptoms. I’m at 14 days at this point, I just wanted to distance from family 5 days to know there was at least a stopping point for me spreading my germs. I wouldn’t be shocked if hadleys cold right before I got sick was Covid…& it just seemed like allergies


      1. That’s so crazy! I think you are good now and just think of all those wonderful antibodies swimming around and protecting you for 90 days!


  2. My husband grilled his own father’s day dinner too (with the help of my son who’s been doing ALL the grilling this summer). Hopefully you’ll kick this strand soon and feel back to 100%. I hope everyone else stays healthy and nothing interferes with your vacation!!


    1. Thank you! Still a couple of weeks until vacay, so hopefully we all stay healthy. That’s awesome your son grills. I can honestly say I’ve never started a grill. Ever 🤣


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