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Teacher Gift Ideas

Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start.

With the end of the school year approaching, I’m sharing a few favorite teacher gift ideas that we’ve given to the kids’ teachers. That being said, the kids are in middle school and I teach high school, so I know how it goes as kids get older. Middle and high school students have 6-7 teachers, so I can’t say enough how great a note is from time to time from both parents and students. Teachers really appreciate that more than you know.

This is basically another Etsy post because that’s where I turn most often for gifts especially personalized ones.

Gift Ideas:

Hadley gave this jute bag to her teacher last year, and it’s so cute. I’ve seen it shared on Instagram as a great beach bag or bridesmaid gift.

We gifted this door hanger to our sitter last year as she was graduating college and had secured her first teaching position.

This bag was the perfect gift for Hayden’s teacher last year. We filled it with colorful pens and sticky notes. (This shop has so many cute bag options!)

I’ve shared these flower pots on multiple occasions. After ordering them for my kids’ teachers, I purchased a couple for our back patio. (This shop also has so many cute door hangers!)

The kids helped me plant the flowers to give to their 4th grade teachers. This was spring of 2020, so we wanted to do something extra special for their teachers.

I just recently shared how I gave this door hanger to my mom for her birthday this year. It’s super cute and interchangeable, so I know it would look perfect on a classroom door.

Other Gift Ideas:

While I haven’t purchased these items, they are cute and have good reviews.

  • Beaded wristlet key ring: We’ve given a similar key ring to our sitter last year.
  • Personalized tub: We gave a similar one to the kids’ first grade teachers and filled them with school supplies. It would also be perfect to hold books in the classroom.
  • Love to teach sign: I’ve had this saved on Etsy for quite some time. It would be perfect for a classroom.
  • Personalized travel pouch: Obviously this is good for travel, but it would be a cute cosmetic bag or pencil pouch.
  • Tumbler: These would be perfect for the summer and sipping water by the pool!
  • Personalized note pads: We’ve given similar to the kids’ teachers as Christmas gifts.

What I love about Etsy is you can continue to search for similar items if what you find isn’t in stock or has longer shipping than expected. Depending on when your school gets out, most of these items seem to arrive pretty quickly.

Teachers also love:

  • gift cards (We’ve given gift cards to Trader Joe’s, Amazon, and a local book store)
  • school supplies
  • candles
  • and…wine!

If you are a teacher, what has been your favorite gift that you’ve received?

Happy gifting!

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