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Friday Favorites {#106}

Hello! It’s the best kind of Friday because…Shew!… I’ve almost made it to Spring Break.

This week as been hectic at both school and at home; I’m definitely ready to kick my feet up and relax this evening. I can’t wait.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

I had my annual mammogram last week and received my “all clear” results this week. Just a friendly reminder to get yourself that appointment!

Not a favorite…I threw my back out on Monday. This is the third time since 2018 that my sciatica has given me trouble. The worst time was the first time in 2018. Then, spring of 2020 and now almost two years later. Monday, after school, I couldn’t wait to get home and lie down flat and rest. It was really hard for me to rest, but I’ve done that when I can this week, and I think (fingers crossed) this isn’t going to turn into a big issue.

Over the weekend, I popped into Trader Joe’s…I stuck to my list, but then I saw this grapefruit scented candle, and knew it would be perfect for spring. It’s a good one!

I really try to use the You are Special plate whenever I can, but I usually end up combining “celebrations.” Both kids had their best report cards yet (7 A’s and 1 B), and they made the track team. So, both were celebrated on different evenings.

It was Spirit Week this week. Hadley dressed up most days, but the both sported their “college” shirts on Tuesday. Why do I feel like I’m going to blink, and I will be dropping them off at college?!

Favorite Kid Quote:

Hadley forgot her running shoes for track practice on Monday. Travis suggested she borrow Hayden’s spare pair…

Look at her response below: haha!


Wednesday night we were getting caught up on American Idol. The contestant, who ended up earning the platinum ticket, was singing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” and Hayden said, “He sings like me…when I’m in the shower.” 😆

I LOL’d!

Favorite Clothing Item(s):

I used to have a chambray shirt but got rid of it at some point. Amy shared her fashion faves recently and I realized I “needed” a chambray shirt again.😉 Target for the win! My Target was out, so I had this one shipped.

I love it. It arrived Wednesday (a little wrinkly), so I threw it on for a pic. I wore it yesterday with my Matilda Jane ruffle pants, and felt so comfy all day.

My sister-in-law was wearing some cute jeans from Loft. I found these (which are similar) and ordered them immediately…using the 40% off code.

They arrived on Tuesday, and I wore them Wednesday. So many of my jeans are skinny jeans, and I wanted a darker pair that was a bit different.

Favorite Mom Meme(s):


This one is relatable as well!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

After my dad requested the photo with the kids, he said, “I hope you are saving these.” Of course, that prompted me to take a deep dive into my Shutterfly folders, and I found 2017 thorough ’22.

Weekly Recap:

I had a couple of posts this week:

What are your weekend plans? Spring Break begins at 3:30, and I’m ready.

I should have a couple of posts next week starting with some memes on Monday.

I hope you have a great weekend.

17 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#106}

  1. Those porch photos! Love! Those jeans are so flattering on you! And the chambray is perfect with that nice worn in quality! Do you have a steamer? $15 at Target and I love steaming! New hobby! I need new white jeans and might try Loft. Luckily, I have time since it’s so cold!
    Happy Spring Break!

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    1. I actually thought to myself that I need one after seeing you with yours. It would come in handy. I hate ironing and we don’t have a convenient spot in our house. I need a new pair of white denim too. I really love the jeans.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I highly recommend it. Just get the Black and Decker $15 model. It’s fine for what you and I need. I just hang the item and steam it on the hanger.


  2. Love your photo collage! I give your daughter props for wearing her brothers sneakers… I try not to gag when my son takes his shoes off in the car after track and she is right; they smell! What great report cards for them both.

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  3. I love the porch photos!
    I had my first mammogram yesterday! Here they don’t recommend them until age 50 but my doctor doesn’t agree and prefers to have baseline mammos at age 40. Next up colonoscopy (family history means earlier testing for me), decidedly less fun than the mammo, haha!


  4. How wonderful that you made it to spring break!! We don’t get one aside from Friday/Monday around Easter. I am headed to Trader Joe’s for that candle tomorrow morning! I hope your back feels better and you can enjoy your break!! Have a great weekend!!

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