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24 hours of Errands

Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start.

If you read my post yesterday, then you know I felt like I needed some time to get caught up in life!

There are always errands that need to be run. Things were starting to pile up, and I realized I needed to prioritize getting these errands crossed off my list. Sometimes when errands pile up, I even write down on a sticky note the order of errands from closest to home to furthest. Is that what you do? Or the reverse?

Buckle up for this riveting content 😉

Here are all the errands that I ran on Friday and Saturday.

Errands on Repeat:

I needed to go to the UPS store because I had some Amazon returns. The blessing of Amazon is how convenient it is it return unwanted items. I pass no less than five UPS stores on any given day. That being said, if I have a few orders, I usually just wait and go and return a few things at once.

The car wash was another stop for me. I love a clean car. I will say, I think I do a good job keeping the car tidy, but I should probably do better actually getting the car washed. After a road trip or winter weather is always a guarantee for me that I will get the car washed. That being said, I was long overdue for my car to be washed.

I purchased a home decor item that I ended up not loving. I wanted to get it back to TJ Maxx before I lost the receipt! haha

I had a few prescriptions to pick up, so I made a stop at Kroger pharmacy. We have some monthly prescriptions, and sometimes I just use the drive thru, but…

I knew we needed a few odds and ends at home before I made my weekly Clicklist order.

Curbside pick up is about the only good thing to come out of the pandemic. Target pickup comes in so handy! I have no shame in ordering even just one thing for pick up!

About every three months, I end up at Ulta for my fave shampoo and conditioner. Man, I hate paying for this stuff, but I do notice a difference in my hair when I use the “good stuff!”

Saving the best for last, Trader Joe’s! I’ve shared many times that I used to go to TJ’s every few weeks, then every other week, and now I go about once a week for produce items and Chomps for Hayden. (Other times, I buy other faves, but my weekly trip is usually just for the produce.)

Other occasional errands that are often on my list include Walgreens, the library, and the pet store for Homer.

I guess errands have changed a bit through the years…I sure do feel like I run around more now than ever before. I do try to run errands during the week when I can. Even just one stop after school a few days a week helps me not have to run around everywhere on the weekend.

Also, sometimes we divide and conquer. For example, Travis is good about getting Homer’s dog food or picking up a few things from Kroger that I may need.

What are some of your weekly errands? Let me know any time saving tips!

8 thoughts on “24 hours of Errands

  1. I totally plan my errands! I “batch” things when I can – like I only go here when I’m also in this area for something else. I also think I do a good job of knocking some out during the week to have more weekend time.


  2. Personally, I’m a farthest away to closest errand runner. 😊 What is clicklist? Am I missing out on something that’s going to save me time?


    1. I think I do closest to home first so I feel like I’ve accomplished something quicker. Kind of like crossing the simple things off my to do list first 😂 Clicklist is grocery pickup for Kroger (our main grocery store)

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  3. I hate returns more than anything. Sometimes it keeps me from buying something b/c the thought of returning it is too much — ha! Amazon, though, does make it easy — we take ours to Kohls for the same service (and usually a coupon too!). I have an Ulta gift certificate — maybe I’ll try your shampoo? I’ve not found something I “love” and know that a shampoo can make all the difference. Thanks for the idea.


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