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Friday Favorites {#99}

Hello! Well, this week was definitely different. Monday-Wednesday I was in charge of our Extended School Services program for tutoring and credit recovery after school. That meant I didn’t get home from school most days until 7:00.

Then, we had an NTI day yesterday due to the incoming ice storm. All day, we got tons of cold rain, and no ice. That being said, the temps went below freezing after dinner, so freezing rain and sleet began to tap on the windows. Snow may even round out the storm.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

With the hectic pace of life lately, I’m trying to acknowledge the small favorites in each day. So here we go…


We’ve had quite the winter and last Friday evening we got the prettiest snowfall.


Hayden had a basketball game on Saturday, and it was a close one! His team came out on top, and they were excited to get the win.


We are still trying to bounce back from the Chiefs loss on Sunday (and it’s a little rough living so close to Bengals territory! 🤪). That being said, Homer was in the football spirit on Sunday!

…and I still say we have the cutest Chiefs fans.

I hope they have lots of memories cheering fro KC sports together!


I was really bringing my “A game” at the beginning of the week, and made Shay’s Turkey Tortilla Soup in the slow cooker. I didn’t get home from school until 7, so it was nice to have this delicious soup waiting for us for dinner.


On Tuesday, the kids brought home their Honor Roll certificates for last quarter. We’re really proud of their effort!

Hayden’s was all crumpled in his backpack which is a step above last quarter when he threw it away rather than show me the certificate. Hadley’s was nice and neat in her binder which is about the only things she has organized.


How sweet is this photo? Hadley was so excited because she gets to help at cousin Layla’s dance class this semester. Hadley said her favorite part was that the little kids just randomly come up and give hugs!


After three long days of work, I was happy to have a low key day at home for NTI. Even better was finding my Girl Scout cookie order on my doorstep in the afternoon.

This is the first year in six years that Hadley didn’t sell cookies. I’m happy to support the other troops, and we all have our favorite cookies.

The new cookie this year is the Adventureful cookie. It’s so good.

Favorite Kid Quote(s):

Both the kids had their funny moments this week.

Favorite Hayden Quotes:

  • Upon hearing the Tom Brady news, Hayden said, “Well, it’s time. He’s basically dad’s age and playing with 25 year olds!” When I said it must be hard to walk away from the game after so many years, Hayden continued with, “See ya, Tom! Mom, do you know how many times Tom has broken my heart?!”

Also, last Saturday, Travis was out of town and Hadley was at a friend’s for the night.

  • Hayden was saying goodnight to Homer and he said, “Mom, I read somewhere that dogs sometimes yawn when they are stressed.” I said, “Oh really?” He followed up with, “Homer yawns around Hadley a lot.” 🤣

Hadley Quote:

Hadley is always more helpful to Hayden than he is to her. She offered to get him dessert one evening this week.

  • As she handed him his bowl of ice cream, she said, “Here you go peasant.” 😆 That must be a vocab word this week!

Favorite Mom Meme:

This made me laugh out loud. There are so many nights I don’t want to cook dinner, but I do so anyway.

Between chain supply issues and our ongoing winter weather, the grocery store has been hit or miss. I’m so happy if there are at least substitutions!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

How about this sweet snow day pic from 2013?

Weekly Recap:

I had a few posts this week including the books I read in January, a few Amazon purchases, and my Valentine’s Day decor.

To wrap up today’s post…my favorites for today include that fact that we have a good old fashioned snow day and the Olympics start!

I hope wherever you are, that you stay safe and warm! See you back here on Monday.

Thanks so much for reading.

15 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#99}

      1. Oh I was a mess. Literally had to leave the room halfway through the second half because I couldn’t sit and watch the implosion. 🤷🏻‍♀️ At least we got that incredible game the week before!

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  1. Good old fashioned snow day for me, too! It still feels weird without the boys here when we have a snow day! I love the Little House meme and the Hadley quote! Peasant!
    Working til 7 is no bueno and three nights in a row? I’m glad you had an NTI the next day. You have to try Shay’s margarita soup. Maybe do half a can of Rótel if you don’t want too spicy. I think it’s perfect with a dollop of sour cream when served to cut the spice a bit. I will need someone else’s cooking soon. Last weekend trapped here for covid and now for snow!


  2. That Tom Brady comment!! I grew up on the East Coast of Canada so New England was everyone’s favourite team (I liked the Packers) so I heard so much about Tom Brady (imagine me saying that like a starstruck teenage girl, “he’s so dreamy”). Great player of course, but I’m over it!
    Happy you enjoyed some snow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hooray for a real snow day! I am doing extended learning and getting home later definitely makes a difference in the day! How fun that Hadley is helping with her cousin’s dance class and little kid hugs are the best! Way to go to Hayden’s basketball team! Have a great weekend!!

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