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This or That: Christmas Edition

Hello! I’ve shared a few This or That posts, and I think they are a fun, quick way to share thoughts on a topic. Shay recently shared her This or That for Christmas on Instagram, and here are my responses too!

  • Fake Tree or Real Tree: We used to have an artificial tree for years, but have gotten a real tree for the last few years. I do love having a real tree as our main tree in the living room.

…but I love having a smaller artificial tree in the sun room and our bedroom to enjoy for a bit longer than a real tree lasts.

  • White Elephant or Secret Santa: Why is it that both of these options stress me out? I swear I’m a fun person. 😆 I guess I just feel like it’s one more thing to do / gift to buy when the time comes. I do think if I had to choose, I prefer Secret Santa because at least then you give and get something you’d probably actually want.
  • Egg nog or Hot cocoa: I love egg nog in December. I’m not a big cocoa person…but Hadley sure is! Hayden prefers egg nog. Sweet story: when the kids were little, my dad started calling egg nog “Christmas milk,” and it’s stuck! Also, my kids prefer the AE brand, and we don’t get that in Lexington. So, my brother bought a few at Thanksgiving, and put them in a cooler to bring back to Lex. Then, my mom brought a few cartons when she visited last week. So, Hayden has been so happy to have some extra “Christmas milk” on hand.
  • The Grinch or Elf: ahhh! I love the Grinch story, but prefer the Elf movie.
  • Mariah Carey or Michael Buble: Well, 1997 me would have been blasting a Mariah Carey CD in my car this time of the year, but the 40+ year old me definitely loves Michael Buble.
  • Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Hands down, I’m a Cyber Monday girl. I’ve never understood why people Black Friday shop. It’s too much pressure, too hectic, and too crowded! I love to make a list and be ready to go on Cyber Monday for probably 70% of my shopping. Then, I enjoy taking my time while out and about in December to choose other gifts when I have more time to do so.
  • Christmas Day or Christmas Eve: I think I’m more of a Christmas Day person. While I love the traditions of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day has a slower pace to it and a bit more time to relax.
Christmas Eve service is a favorite
…as is Christmas dinner
  • Ugly Sweater or Matching PJs: I love pjs! It’s always fun seeing my kids in their Christmas pjs excited for Santa. I hope as they get older, they will still continue this tradition in some way.
  • Giving Gifts or Getting Gifts: I definitely enjoy giving more than receiving! It’s always fun to see someone open a gift you think they’ll like.
  • Eating treats or Baking treats: BOTH?!? I do have quite the sweet tooth, so I enjoy eating treats, but I also love baking them. The kids and I bake some cookies with family this time of the year which is fun.

So, that’s a wrap on those topics! What about you? What are your preferences?

I can’t believe we only have two more school day until break. I can’t wait to not set an alarm and have some time to actually wrap gifts, bake cookies, and have a little extra time to relax.

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

5 thoughts on “This or That: Christmas Edition

    1. It just always feels like one more thing. That being said, middle school Secret Santa through Hadley has been fun 😂she has swapped gifts with her dance team at school and a group of friends, and has had some much fun


  1. Love these! I agree with you on most accounts! Girl, add some bourbon or Kahlua to your hot chocolate and then you will like it! I love the egg nog by Southern Comfort I think and also add bourbon. I haven’t done either yet this year! I get so excited for people to open my gifts and I have often not been able to wait. Lol! I have so much left to do but I am saving it for Monday the 20th! I am actually pretty relaxed about it.

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      1. Yes! I need to try that, too! I love to wrap in my bedroom with a cheesy movie playing. My wrapping doesn’t take that long because I am not a perfectionist when it comes that wrapping!


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