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Halloween Recap

We had a really great Halloween, and I love that it fell on the weekend because it gave us some extra time to hang with family and have a few extra minutes without being rushed to put on costumes and take photos.

Leading up to Halloween, I wanted to find an evening with no activities to have dinner together and carve pumpkins. On Wednesdays, for now, we don’t have any evening activities. So, last Wednesday, we had our “Spooky” dinner (bloody finger hot dogs, brains (mac and cheese) and eyeballs (green grapes) which is always a fun tradition.

Then, we carved pumpkins…

Actually, for the second year in a row, the kids did this pretty independently, and I love how they turnd out!

Hadley got major use out of her Halloween costume. She wore it to turnk or treat with her friends last week.

She then wore it to an overnight at Great Wolf Lodge last weekend.

Halloween morning started with pumpkin muffins for breakfast. I love the Trader Joe’s mix.

We then had a “Spooky” lunch with my mom, Gma, my brother and his family. At the last minute, I decided to make mummy dogs, and they were so good.

After lunch, Hadley and Travis went to Goodwill to finish getting Hayden’s costume. Travis had the idea of Hayden being Happy Gilmore, and Hayden thought that idea was funny since he loves golf and likes that movie.

A giraffe and Happy Gilmore…

Annual photo with the cousins: Ariel and a ninja!

Then, my mom joined in the fun with her witch costume that she’s had for years!

Then the kids went to trunk or treat at our church. Hadley helped some friends pass out candy to the little ones while Hayden walked around with my niece and nephew.

We changed up our trick-or-treating this year and instead of hosting, we went to a friend’s house so the kids could all T or T together.

Great group of kids ❤️

Hadley and crew who dressed as animals in their onsies.

The kids took off to trick-or-treat, and Travis and I walked home. I’d left out the candy, but was able to pass some out for about 30 minutes when we got home.

I haven’t passed out candy since 2009 when I had a very big pregnant belly. Time flies.

My kids got so much candy it was ridiculous.

This was me:

I’m giving them a few days, but then I’m going to have them pick a few favorite pieces of candy while I take some to school for my students. They love earning a piece or two when they’ve finished an assignment!

We had a great Halloween and the weather was perfect! I’m still struggling with the fact that it’s now November! In a couple of weeks, I will have two 12 years olds! Again, time flies!

I’m not sure if I will have have a post ready for tomorrow, but I will for sure be back on Friday to share my favorites from the week.

See you soon!

11 thoughts on “Halloween Recap

  1. So fun! We always left candy out and went with our kids until they were old enough. There are only 8 houses on our street so we don’t get that man6 kids. They prefer the longer streets of houses!
    I love Happy Gilmore!

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  2. I love the spooky lunch idea, that is super cute. I am going to add that to our to do list for next year! So fun! Your kids looked cute. I also laughed out loud at the pic “classic group project.” HAHA! Happy to be back reading your blog again… I took a break for a while, as my kids were up all night and at 5 am. They are back to being normal sleepers, I think! Fingers crossed! 😀
    Have a great week!!!
    -Ashley @ Adventures with Ella Marie


  3. Happy Gilmore is too funny! I love it and I just might suggest it to one of my kids next year. It’s so fun to watch kids trick or treat together! I love all of your spooky meals. I found Hawaiian sweet roll crescent rolls at Aldi this year and they made delicious mummy dogs. Have a great day!

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