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Monday Memes

Hello! Well, since it’s the end of the month, I’m sharing some of the memes that have made me laugh over the past few weeks! I hope they start your week off right!


It does feel like the holiday wheels are in motion once all things pumpkin begin!


#awkward I often feel like I should have said more or said too much when meeting someone new…




6th grade pre-Algebra, y’all! 😩


Besides my own passwords, now the kids have some that I need to know. Also, I feel like my school computer always forces me to change my password at the most inconvenient time!


I used to be so good at parallel parking in college. Nothing makes you fit your car in the tightest space possible like being five minutes late to class. I can still parallel park, but don’t feel as accomplished with this task as I used to!


Am I right?!

I’ve also heard people mention having “trust issues” thanks to trainers telling them it’s the last round or “one more minute” only to add in a bonus exercise. 🤣


I live for coffee. I could give up any beverage but not coffee. I love nothing more than starting my day with a couple cups. It’s the little things in life!

I hope you have a great week. I can’t believe it’s almost October. That’s my favorite month of the year!

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