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Summer Fun List (2021) Recap:

Hello! I can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone! We got out on May 18th which is actually about a week early for us, so while the summer did feel a bit longer, it still flew by!

Before I get started with today’s post, the Blogiversary winner of the Target or Trader Joe’s gift card is Abbey (@aengles)! I’ve messaged you on Insta, so let me know which gift card you’d like! Thanks to everyone who commented on that post; as always, I appreciate the love!

Before we really get into back to school mode, I’m taking a look back at our Summer Fun List for 2021!

This was the list of ideas the kids gave me once school was out:

Sports Camps:

Hayden attended basketball, baseball, golf camps this summer and loved them all.

Hadley did swim team and loved it! I was proud of her for always giving her best. After not swimming last summer and moving up in age groups, she had to swim 50s which was a big adjustment.

MLB Baseball Game:

Hayden and Travis made it to a Cincinnati Reds game on Memorial Day with a group of friends!


Both kids loved the pool. This was definitely a summer of independence and as long as one mom was there, we felt good about taking turns keeping an eye on their pool friend group and giving the kids some responsibility.

I enjoyed the pool too! I can already feel my tan fading #sigh


On repeat. There was no shortage of baseball this summer, and, in fact, Hayden is still playing. His team is comprised of a great group of boys. We’ve had fun watching them play together, and they’ve had a really great summer season.

Snow Cones:

The kids hit up the pool snow cone dates a few times this summer! There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than a snow cone!


Hadley loved her camp session. She had fun with friends old and new. Camp kept her busy. She was so tired when she got home!

Summer Dance Classes:

Hadley took a pre-pointe class as well as a tricks and turns class. The sessions are just six weeks long, and Hadley likes to take the summer sessions because it’s a chance to take some classes she doesn’t take during the year.

Baking/Lemonade Pie:

Honestly, we didn’t bake much this summer, but Hadley made Lemonade Pie a couple times. It’s definitely a refreshing treat!


We loved our five days in Isle of Palms, SC. It’s definitely one of our favorite places to visit!

Water Balloons:

We were able to squeeze in a water balloon fight with the kids and a few of their friends last week.

They had a great time. Of course, it was boys vs. girls!


Believe it or not, we never got to making s’mores this summer. I have all the ingredients in the cabinet, but we just never got a fire pit going. We typically do that more in the cooler weather anyway. I’m sure we’ll make up for lost time this fall.

Go to the Lake:

Well, Hadley got to go to the lake! She had lots of fun tubing and cliff jumping with her friends. I love the lake as well and wish we could have made that happen this summer. It’s just hard to do with baseball most every weekend.


This summer, we also:

  • Tried the new milkshake place in town.
  • We went bowling for Trav’s birthday.
  • We had 4th of July fun and enjoyed the fireworks.
  • The kids went to the Cinci Zoo with friends.
  • We were able to see family, and the kids played with their cousins a few times.
  • The kids logged lots of miles on their bikes and tons of time playing with friends.
  • The kids and their friends hosted a lemonade stand or two!

When I asked the kids what was the best thing you did this summer, they said:


golf camp


movie night at the pool

For me, the best part about summer has been my kids having so much time to play with friends and neighbors. We’ve definitely been busy, but the kids have had tons of fun with their friends. There have been lots of pick up basketball games, a countless number of miles biking around the neighborhood, and tons of fun at the pool. There will still be time to play, but now it will be after school. I’ll sure miss the sounds of laughter, the giggles and conversations, as well as the ball bouncing as the sun sets. Now, these kids will have a curfew ๐Ÿ˜‰

How about this throwback from 2015? Tomorrow, these two will be starting middle school. Babies don’t keep. That’s for sure.

Iโ€™m changing up the tradition and doing a back to school brinner tonight rather than a back to school breakfast tomorrow morning.

I can’t believe I start my 20th year in education tomorrow. Time certainly is flying by!

Thanks so much for reading,

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