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July: Sentence a Day

Hello! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good! The weather finally cooled off and we even had a little rain yesterday. We were busy with baseball games for Hayden, dance workshops for Hadley and did a little back to school shopping as well.

I can’t believe July is already over! I’m sharing my sentence a day recapping the month. We started at the beach and ended the month thinking about getting back to school.


On July 1st, we were still on vacation in Isle of Palms, SC; we had a great vacay!


The 2nd was our last day at the beach; we ate at Hyman’s, in Charleston, for dinner followed by the Magnolia Cemetery ghost tour.


On the 3rd, we spent the day in the car leaving SC behind and heading home to KY.


On the 4th of July, Trav took the kids to the pool, we grilled out for dinner and then watched fireworks at our favorite spot.


Then, we celebrated Trav’s birthday a couple of days early with lunch out followed by a couple of games of bowling.


I had summer school followed by lunch with friends, and then we had Trav’s birthday cake a day early.


The 7th was Trav’s birthday, but he worked and took Hayden to baseball while I took Hadley to the last swim meet of the season.


On the 8th, we hung out at home most of the day, ran a few errands to get Hadley ready for camp, and I had my monthly facial!


On this day, we had more errands at the mall, picked up some library books, and got a car wash.

Can’t go to the mall without going to Auntie Anne’s (Photo by Hadley)

Bonus sentence: I went to dinner with my friend Sarah!


The 10th was a rainy day of baseball, a basketball game, and cousin fun in the evening.


On Sunday, we dropped Hadley off at camp, and my new bracelets arrived.

@soulshine.kc on Instagram


Hayden was excited for golf camp to start.


While Hayden was at golf, I did a little back to school shopping for me and picked out my teacher planner for the upcoming school year at Michaels.


I treated myself to a new purse; I’d been wanting a messenger bag for quite some time.

Travis and I had dinner out while Hayden ate with his teammates after baseball practice.


I had summer school while Hayden had his last day of golf camp followed by school with me for a bit while our new basement floors were installed.


On the 16th, my errands included picking out a basement rug, followed by state tournament baseball for Hayden.


Yay! On the 17th, I picked up Hadley from camp and went to Hayden’s baseball games.


We had baseball games in the morning followed by dinner on the back patio in glorious 75 degree weather.


On Monday the 19th, we spent the whole day at the pool, and then met family for dinner.


I went to school, took Homer to vet for his allergy shot and started reading Malibu Rising.


After summer school, I enjoyed lunch with some friends, and then went back to school shoe shopping for the kids.


On the 22nd, I spent lots of time at home getting things done, and then both kids had an ortho appointment. (After a year, Hayden got his appliance out and his bottom braces.)


This day was my last day of the summer “with nothing,” so we hit up the pool for most of the day, and then I started watching Bethenny Frankel’s Big Shot (and loved it!)


I had typical Saturday errands, went to Trader Joe’s for a few odds and ends and flowers followed by baseball games for Hayden.


While the rest of us were at Hayden’s ball games, Hadley was living her best life at the lake.


Middle school 6th grade orientation started, and I had dinner with my teacher friends from my former school to meet up with one of our friends who has been teaching in Egypt the past two years.


I helped with freshman orientation while the kids were at 6th grade orientation, and we later met Trav’s brother and his kids out for dinner.


The kids hung at the pool with friends while I had a hair appointment (that was very much needed!)


On the 29th, we met up with some neighborhood friends for a water balloon fight; the kids had so much fun.


On Friday, I was home most of the day, the kids went to pool with Trav and their cousins in the afternoon, and Hadley had a dance workshop in the evening while Hayden had a basketball game.


We finished up the month with Hayden having two baseball games, Hadley had a three hour dance workshop, I got a pedicure and then took Hadley back to school clothes shopping.

This tiny shirt didn’t come home with us 🤣

Overall, we had a good month. (A few days warranted more than one sentence 😉 July is a difficult one for me. June is all fun and games, and July brings a sense of urgency to savor the summer moments while starting to think about school.

I hope to be back tomorrow with my Prime Purchases for the month and a special post on Wednesday.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

8 thoughts on “July: Sentence a Day

  1. I love that you do this and I don’t think I could ever keep up with it! Your hair looks amazing! Those glasses in your hair pic – Quay? I feel like I asked you. I have been searching for a certain style all summer to no avail. I peeped Charlie Browns! It used to be a different Mexican restaurant above it.
    Where did the summer go? I really don’t think it’s ever felt this short.


    1. The sentence a day is a commitment 🤣I’ve been recapping every other month! Yes, Quay sunglasses. I got them last summer and they are my “go to” pair to wear. papis is maybe two years old…I’m blanking on the Mexican restaurant that was there before but we used to go there too.Summer did feel short and we got out earlier than usual. One more full week of no school for me 🙂


      1. It is! I love it, though. I wonder if they even still have that model. I am thinking that restaurant was called El Rincon – the alcove – when I lived in Lex. I did have a date there once.
        I want to take my chill vibe into the school year but I’m not sure that’s possible.

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