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Brief Blogging Break

Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start!

Just a quick note that I’m taking a brief blogging break (Say that three times fast!) during the rest of July.

Once July hits, I feel this way as a teacher:

…and honestly, I kind of feel that way as a parent, wife, friend, and more! It’s just a very busy summer and a very busy season of life, and I’d like to enjoy the last weeks of summer, soaking in the time with the kids while prepping for the upcoming school year.

I’m taking the rest of the week off, and hope to join a link up or two in the upcoming weeks before sharing:


at the end of the month!

See you back here soon! Take care!

11 thoughts on “Brief Blogging Break

      1. Same! And, same reason why I haven’t done more about monetization. But, I just got notice that WordPress is going to charge me $300 next month for the year. I swear it has never been that much. I am going to have to look into a cheaper way?
        You really have been busy! I sometimes feel I am a broken record or running out of content.


      2. I love all your posts 🙂 I think it’s nice you have consistent posts with other topics sprinkled in 🙂 WP just charge me for the year …but I still have the basic acct. That being said, I’m going to “have to” upgrade soon because I’m running out of space…

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  1. Happy blogging break! I totally agree on not wanting this online space to feel like a chore. Enjoy the time, memories, and sunshine. ☀️


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