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Monday Memes

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Hayden had a basketball game followed by a baseball tournament this weekend. Hadley was happy to dodge most of baseball to celebrate a friend’s birthday! Overall, we had a great weekend.

As the month of June wraps ups (How is that possible?), I’m sharing some favorite memes that I’ve seen over the past month or so!


Well, this first one is appropriate given my monthly meme posts πŸ™‚


Honestly, the month of June was pretty bearable, but July – September seem to be our hottest months around here!


As someone who is at the pool quite a bit, I can verify that this next meme is true:


Why does Target take all my money? Seriously, if I spend less than $50 on a Target trip, it’s a miracle!


This is true for my introvert self:


Classic Travis vs. Me….He doesn’t know how to rest…and that’s all I try to do on vacation!


I feel seen:


I try to be a little more “go with the flow” in the summer, but with two kids who are older now and want to do different things, some days I feel like I’ve lost all control. haha




Thankfully, Homer doesn’t seem to be a very anxious dog, but this meme is still relatable!


I sure feel like I have to scroll pretty far to find 1980!


My mom sent me this one and many nights this is tempting:

Which meme is your fave?

It will probably be a light posting week for me, but I hope to share the books I read in June (5!) as well as some Friday Favorites.

Have a great week!

7 thoughts on “Monday Memes

  1. The scroll for your birth year one hits me pretty hard! How is it the end of June? I always get nervous at this point in summer because time is going too fast! I have stayed out of Target and if I do go there and see school supplies it will wreck me! Lol!

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      1. I saw the school supplies at Target yesterday! I guess after a year of the pandemic and not as much need for supplies I felt o.k. walking by the display but in no way did I enter the area!

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