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Not Just a Mom: Concerts

Hello! How was your weekend? We had a great one!

Friday night, the kids played with friends until late evening, and otherwise, we just hung out at home.

Saturday’s weather was gorgeous, so I took a walk before running to the grocery store and going to Hayden’s baseball game. Saturday night, we had dinner as a family to celebrate our niece’s college graduation.

Yesterday, was, of course, Mother’s Day. We all slept in and went to church. I did get my wish…no cooking for me yesterday! We went out for a late lunch, and then I took a nap! I read my book and watched a couple of shows for the rest of the afternoon.

Mother’s Day photo with my two faves:

Brunch was delish…

Now, on to today’s post…

It’s the second Monday of the month, so I’m co-hosting our Not Just a Mom link up with these ladies:

Our topic for today is concerts you’ve been to or what to go to.

Well, don’t hate me, but I’m not much of a concert person. Music is probably the only thing Travis and I really differ in. He’d love to go to more concerts and really enjoys music. Music is just not something that I’m drawn to. When I workout or go for a walk, I listen to a podcast. When I’m in the car, I’m usually on the same channel or two. (Also, let me let you in on a little secret: sometimes, when I’m alone in the car, I don’t even turn on the music. I. like. silence. haha!) You’ll never hear me say, “That’s my jam!” #dopeoplestillsaythat ? 😉 When I get in my car after Travis has driven it, the radio is usually blasting!

Anyway, I have been to some concerts through the years, and I always have a good time…and wonder why I don’t make concert going more of a priority.

Here are some concerts through the years…

The teen years…

The very first concert I remember going to was a Billy Joel concert. Actually, it was a rescheduled Billy Joel concert, because the original scheduled date was 1994 when his wife at the time, Christie Brinkley, was in the helicopter crash. I think we ended up seeing him in concert almost an entire year later.

I remember going to see Chicago in concert at an outdoor ampitheater with my mom and her friend when I was in early high school.

I went to a Ricky Martin concert with friends freshman or sophomore year of college.

I never made it to a NKOTB concert, but my fifteen-year-old self always wished that would have happened! I guess when NKOTB reunited a few years ago, even my “in my thirties” year-old self would have loved that too.

First Concert with Travis:

Travis and I went to a David Gray concert in St. Louis in 2002 or 2003. That was the first concert we ever went to together. I still love David Gray. Travis is great about introducing me to various music artists.

Country Music:

The genre I listen to the most is probably country, and have been to a few concerts through the years.

I think the first concert I ever saw with Travis in Lexington was Rascal Flatts. It was many years ago…maybe 2007? Blake Shelton was up and coming, and opened for them.

Travis and I have seen Eric Church twice in concert. The first time was when he was fairly new on the scene. Travis took me to Nashville for my birthday 2014 and surprised me by taking me to the Ryman for a show that had many artists playing a few songs each. Eric Church was one of them and played five or six songs.Then, we saw Church again when he was more established when he came to Rupp in 2015.

2015 with the Chief

We went with friends to see Chris Stapleton at River Bend in Cincinnati a couple of years ago. We all really enjoyed his music, so much so, that the same group of us purchased tickets for his concert in Lexington for last spring. It was then postponed to last month…and now is postponed until next year. I sure hope we can see him again in concert


What are the best concerts you’ve been to? I obviously need to get out more and add some concerts to my list! Hopefully in the next year, the music scene will get back to normal!

Next month, our topic is: Quick Family Dinners. We hope you’ll join us!

Well, I can’t believe it, but this is our last full week of school. Of course, it’s a busy time of the year, so I’m over here just hanging on…but also enjoying this time as well.

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13 thoughts on “Not Just a Mom: Concerts

  1. I like small venue live music the best! I have never been to a Yum Center concert – and the prices are crazy! I’ve been to a bunch of big ones like Jimmy Buffet and U2 in Columbus, OH but now I like a small situation and oudoors is even better.

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      1. Yes! I don’t like being around many people at once either! I really enjoy the neighborhood concerts we go to – there is a neighborhood with an amphitheater and they bring in food trucks.

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  2. My sister in law just went on the NKOTB cruise a few years ago after having seen them in concerts a few times in her 30’s/ 40’s and had the best time with all her friends. I remember being a huge fan of them back in the day but honestly had even forgotten their names and faces when she was talking about it. I often leave the radio off while driving alone and just enjoy the silence too.

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