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Hello! I love Currently posts, and decided to join Anne’s Currently link up today!


All my Trader Joe’s faves. Tomorrow’s post is all about my latest TJ haul, but my family loves:

the molasses cookies

and the Everything but the Bagel chips are a new fave of mine.


Gatlinburg! I shared in Monday’s post the details of my weekend there with Hadley for her last dance competition of the season.


Ready for summer. The countdown to summer is on. We have less than two weeks left of school, so the summer plans have begun. Plan #1: not setting an alarm 😉 Honestly, sometimes the summer is just as hectic with dance recital, swim team, baseball, and other activities, but at least we have more downtime and time for fun like going to the swimming pool and going on vacation.


to enjoy the month of May.

As a teacher and as a mom, the month of May is a marathon. Mar-a-thon. While I don’t have papers to grade and final exams to give like I used to, it’s still a busy time of the year for me helping students who are struggling academically. May is literally the end of the finish line for students to raise their grades to earn credits.

As a mom, spring is busy with activities anyway, and now we add in school activities and “to do’s” like field day, end of the year fun, teacher gifts, 5th grade promotion and more. When I think about last May and how sad my kids were not to be able to do the usual end of the school year activities, I continue to be thankful that they are ending their school year in person, with their teachers and classmates, and are able to finish out their elementary years in a building they’ve known for six years. I’m going to try to not be stressed and enjoy these last few weeks of them in elementary school.


my kids grow up right before my very eyes. Let’s just say my May posts may have a theme of nostalgia. With less than two weeks left of elementary school, I can’t believe how quickly these years flew by. What a ride. I’ve seen them grow as learners, make friendships, and blossom into pretty neat little people. I pray for the same journey for them in middle school.

first day of K- I remember taking this photo. It feels like yesterday.

What have you currently been up to? I hope you are having a great week!

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  1. Marathon is the best way to describe May.With the exception of last year, I always say if I can enjoy the activities and make it to June 1st I’ll be ok. We have about 6 weeks left of school but it’s going fast! It is wild how the fun kids activities make summer feel a little busy. Have a great day!


  2. May can be so exhausting! This is a big year and I’m so happy they got closure! Take pictures of the normalish stuff – them getting out of car, walking into school, playground – you will appreciate those! Maybe even do a photo shoot on a weekend – elementary school is a long period of time! Middle school was really great and not what I had feared, but it is a huge milestone!

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  3. I totally get that the end of May is a marathon for parents in the US but thank you for mentioning that you are soaking it all up. My son is in his last year of elementary school and we are currently in enforced online learning throughout our whole province. I am just hoping and praying that the kids will get to go back for a month so my son can have his last few days of elementary school in the building and be able to say a good farewell to that era.

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  4. Our end of the year has not been busy at all because we still don’t have any school activities going on (well, other than track and track meets).. I’m hopeful that a few things will be added in soon but we’ll see. How exciting to just a few short weeks left!


  5. Ohhh that makes me miss living close to a Trader Joe’s. Good luck with the May marathon – you’re almost there, and swimming pools + no alarm clocks will be an amazing reward. Thanks for linking up 🙂

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  6. Gatlinburg is one of my favorite places!

    I remember the days of long summers with the kids at home. Heck, I remember last year with a COVID summer that went from March to August with my teenager! Haha!

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  7. I enjoyed your Gatlinburg post. My husband’s a teacher and even though schools here wrap up mid/end June, May is crazy for him. He just went back to teach in person last week (because of our proximity to NYC and Philadelphia, AND our population density, NJ had a hard time with Covid) and I’m hoping that makes things a bit easier.

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  8. Love the May Marathon pic – must send it to my favorite teacher friend! Everyone is totally feeling May right about now! Those were two cute kindergartners for sure!!:)

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