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Happy Planner

Hello! I mentioned last week, that I purchased this Happy Planner to test out for the next couple of months. (It was less than $10!) I’ve always been a paper/pen type girl, but I’ve embraced the convenience of my iPhone calendar and “notes” app to keep me organized.

Growing up, I remember my mom would always have a planner out on the kitchen desk with what we had going on written down for the family to see. My version of that is the weekly magnetic calendar on our fridge.

I feel so out of whack and disorganized if I can’t see what all we have going on or what I need to do. My Type A personality sometimes needs to chill…but “A failure to plan is a plan to fail!” (y’all!)

While I’ve embraced the convenience of the iPhone, I sometimes use multiple “notes” for reminders, “to do” lists, kids’ activities and more. I thought the “Skinny Classic” planner would be nice to try out because it fits in my purse.

I also ordered a pack of stickers to use, and they make the planner that much better. Who doesn’t love stickers?

There weren’t many of the “Skinny Classic” left when I ordered, but I chose the “Hip Hip Hooray!” one, and it’s super cute.

The “Teacher Edition” stickers are cute as well with lots of options for holidays and other fun stickers.

I decided I wanted a few more sticker options and saw these on Amazon. They arrived and are perfect. The six sheets cover all 12 months and have a variety of different sized stickers and sayings. I plan on using them in the planner, but I thought they’d also be fun to use on birthday cards and lunch box notes.

Like you would expect with a planner, the front pages have 2020 and 2021 months (below, left). Each month begins with a cute quote (below, top right), and a quick glance reference with days of the month. (below, bottom right)

Each month also has a quick reminder of holidays…

The quote and note section for each month provide enough space to jot down tasks, notes, and to do’s…

The back, like the front, is sturdy plastic and cute.

Just a peek at the cute Spring Break sticker…

I have used Shay’s color coding system for years where each family member has a color….including myself!

It’s only been about ten days, but I’m definitely using the planner, and it fits perfectly in my purse! I use it to write down grocery items I need to pick up, appointments I need to make, a book title I don’t want to forget, and more! The stickers are extra added fun!

So…how do you stay organized? Do you use a planner or reply on technology?!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Planner

  1. Everything is on my phone. But my oldest son is 9 now so I think we should get something more central that we all can see. We don’t have any activities going on now, but when summer starts we should have some sports and camps to take note of.

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  2. I am a paper planner through and through! Even in middle and high school I loved my academic planner. I lived by it in college! Now, we have a dry erase weekly calendar on the fridge with practices/activities and the dinner plan but I carry my paper planner everywhere with me. I switched to the EC daily duo this year and it has a page a day and hourly spaces, but I am switching back next year. I like seeing the whole week on one page and all of our activities happen in the afternoon/evening so that part of my planner is so crowded while the top of each day is empty.


  3. I like this skinny size! I may grab this one for my next one! I’ve been using a decent one from Barnes and Noble that was a school
    year one. I like that it is notebook paper and I can rip out weeks as they pass. That’s kinda sick-why do I like to rip out pages from my planner? Lol!

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