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Weekend Wrap Up

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one. I’m sharing the details of what we were up to from basketball games, to my second vaccine, and Valentine’s Day in today’s Weekend Wrap Up.


I got my second vaccine on Friday morning. The line was much longer than when I got my first dose. I think this was due to the fact that they had canceled vaccines due to weather on Thursday. So, there were scheduled and make up appointments on Friday. Also, now some people are getting their first dose while others are receiving their second dose. I still was there and home within in hour which was a win!

In the afternoon, I noticed our basketball goal…Brrrr!!!

Hadley went ice sledding on our street with one of her friends. I think the ice sledding on our street may have been a first! Sledding with snow has for sure happened in previous years, but I don’t know about sledding on ice.

They had lots of fun.

Later that evening, our power went out for 2 hours. We had friends and family who lost power the day before for 12-24 hours, so two hours was manageable although it took a minute for Hayden to realize all the things that need electricity to run….like his Xbox!

Later that evening, the vaccine caught up with me, and I went to bed.


Saturday I was very sick all day. All day. I felt like I had the flu. I had aches, chills, and a low grade fever. I also had very little appetite. Of course, I’ve heard this could happen, but I also know many who had little to no reaction with the first or second vaccine. I was definitely down for the count all day.

Hayden had two basketball games that I missed, and Hadley played with a friend for most of the day, so I was able to rest and get Homer snuggles.


Thankfully, I woke up yesterday feeling so much better. I’ve heard that too..that once you hit 36-48 hours post-vaccine, you are back to feeling normal. I was still tired most of yesterday, but I felt pretty good and was able to carry on with a pretty normal day (and an afternoon nap!)

Sunday morning, we went to church, and then Travis began his quest to find salt for our driveway and sidewalk. We have more inclement weather on the way this week.

After a couple of tries, we got lucky and got two of the last few bags of ice at a Kroger on our way home. ,

Just call me “basic” while shopping at Kroger: ice, bread, milk, and eggs…(and a few other items thanks to the kids!)

When we got home, some of the neighbors helped each other out shoveling driveways as many still were ice covered from last week’s Wednesday-Thursday storm. And, now we are preparing for this:

After lunch, and before baseball and dance, we gave the kids their Valentine’s Day gifts and candy.

Then, I prepped the table for our Valentine’s Day dinner.

The plates, napkins, straws, paper hearts, and name tags were all in my Valentine’s Day tub, so I had the table set in a matter of minutes.

Then, Hadley had dance and Hayden went to baseball. While Hadley was at dance, I treated myself to a pedicure before picking her up.

The kids decorated cookies for dessert, and we enjoyed homemade pizza for dinner. Cutting heart shaped pepperonis was way easier than making a heart shaped pizza. It still tastes good though…

Since we went to early church on Sunday, I wasn’t able to make a special Valentine’s Day breakfast. Since we have no school today, I’m going to make Bev’s Cinnamon Biscuit Bake for them this morning.

To end on a funny note, I saw this meme over the weekend and couldn’t help but laugh!

I’m definitely the “It’s already 10pm” person while Travis tends to be more “It’s only 10 pm” haha

I actually had to count on my fingers, but this was my 20th Valentine’s Day with Travis. I’m very blessed if I do say so myself!

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I hope you have a great week. Stay safe and warm!

12 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Ugh! I’m so glad you only lost power for 2 hours but it’s so much worse in the winter! I’m glad you only felt bad one day from second dose. I’m nervous! The cinnamon biscuit bake is like my cinnamon roll monkey bread and you will love it! I’m glad you have off today!


    1. Yes, it was just Hayden and me at home for most of it, and at one point I started getting cold…I told him to check the thermostat and he said, “mom, it’s 72 degrees” 😂😂I was already cold. Yes, the second vaccine was brutal…I was like “who are these people who have no reaction?” But there are plenty who have had no issues…I hope that’s the case for you! I don’t typically eat breakfast, but I’m going to indulge in the biscuit bake this morning. Have a great day!

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  2. I am terrified of getting the vaccine. I am not 100% sure. I want to then again I don’t. It has nothing to do with people bullying me to get one and I am not an anti-vaxxer. I am just scared of getting sick. I work for the school system and right now it is entirely impossible for me to be out sick with it when they will more than likely make me quarantine. I don’t know how this works!

    On a plus side, your Valentines for your loves are adorable. The decor is GORGEOUS and that pizza …. I wish I thought of that idea last night instead of chicken wings in the air fryer.


    1. Thankfully, most people I know have had little to no reaction, but since I was tired and a little achy after the first one, I tried to prepare myself to not feel well after the second. I scheduled on a Friday so I’d have the weekend to recover if necessary. The pizza was so good and reminded me we should make pizza at home more often. My kids can basically do it themselves which is a win!


  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better after your second vaccine. I’m a little nervous for my second because Jeff and I get ours on the same day. I’m already planning on ordering pizza that day or the next for an easy kids dinner. Your Valentine’s Day decorations look great. Ice makes everything so pretty, but it can really make a mess. Have a great week!

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  4. Glad you are feeling better! That’s no fun. And also glad to hear your power was only out a short time. You really do forget everything that you have in the house that requires power until that happens. Have a great week!

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