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February 2021: Prime Purchases

Hello! Well, we woke up to a few inches of snow yesterday that I wasn’t even expecting! Since we are doing virtual school, I don’t stay glued to the weather channel in hopes of a snow day like I do during a regular school year. That being said, both of my kids got on their class Zoom meetings at 8:00 only to have their teachers tell them to take a “two hour delay” to play in the snow, read a book, or stay on with the teacher for tutoring. My kids (and Homer!) played in a the snow for about an hour before resuming school at 10:00. I’d say the first day of February started off quite nicely with the 2021 version of a snow day.

…moving on to all things Amazon! I’m linking up with Tanya for her monthly Prime Purchases post!

Now, I’ve shared before that my version of a “dry January” includes not shopping on Amazon for the month.

Well, this month was a dry(ish) month. And…defintely drier than December! Also, a few purchases were for organizational purposes, so I feel like those shouldn’t be counted against me! They were for the sake of organization! 😉

Here are my Prime Purchases this month:

I am actually starting with a late December purchase. I tried something new this year that did work nicely and saved my sanity. It’s always difficult for me to give present ideas to many family members for Hayden and Hadley since their birthday is in November followed by Christmas. I have a list on my Amazon account of ideas that I add to throughout the year. This year, I shared that list with extended family for ideas for the kids. When someone made a purchase from the list, the item disappeared, so people weren’t buying multiples of gifts. It really did work out nicely.

Anyway, the kids were in desperate need of new suitcases. They’d had the same personalized ones since they were born. Seriously, I purchased these sweet little blue and pink suitcases before their first trip to KC when they were four months old.

Anyway, it was time for an upgrade. My mom bought the carry-on size one for each of them for Christmas. She had them sent to my house, and when I opened Hayden’s blue suitcase, it had a more purplish tint to it. So, I went ahead and sent it back, and bought the navy one for him (and my mom reimbursed me #yeahvenmo!). My mom bought Hadley the champagne colored one. They are awesome, fit so much, and glide while pushing or pulling them. I am very impressed. I actually need a medium sized suitcase, and will definitely see what Rockland has to offer.

My closet is a disaster…with a capital D! I ordered these organizers to to help with my t-shirt and sweater sitch!

I was wanting to find new neutral pillows for the couch and stumbled upon these farmhouse style buffalo plaid pillow covers! I ordered them in the cream and beige, size 18 x 18. They are so cute (and I love the little pom poms on them), and I already had pillow inserts to use when they arrived.

Homer gets on our couch…and we never really stop him. So, we typically have a blanket for him to sit on. I’d been using an old quilt, but wanted to get something more neutral (neutral is apparently a theme for my couch) 😉 and easily washable. I purchased a small and a large in the blanket. The small is for a chair he likes to hop in to look out the window, and the large is for the couch. We’ve washed both a few times, and they’ve been just what we needed to try to keep the Homer hair at bay.

Homer approves of both the pillows and the blanket 😉

So, I’ve been using our new Air Fryer a bit, and I’ve seen people suggest using liners for easier clean up. I found these when I searched for Air Fryer liners. They work great, and I’m glad I read the instructions and you only put them in the Air Fryer after it’s finished preheating!

Well, you had to know that I wouldn’t make it the entire month without ordering one clothing item! This shirt arrived over the weekend, and I’ve already worn it twice! It’s perfect to put over my workout tank before and after my workout. I’ve worn it with leggings and skinny jeans. It’s lightweight t-shirt material…not a sweater! It will also be perfect for the spring, and I love the pockets. It comes in a variety of colors, but I got it in this blue.

Here it is on me:

So those are my purchases this month. The next link up is February 2nd.

What have you been Priming lately? Don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ posts!

I hope your week is off to a great start!

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9 thoughts on “February 2021: Prime Purchases

  1. You showed a lot of Amazon restraint this month! That suitcase for Hayden looks great! Your top looks comfy. What do you think about the organizers for your closet? Are they easy to get things out of and keep neat? I love that your kids teachers gave them some snow time! Have a great day!

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    1. So…I used the organizers to hold my offseason things. I’ve had this small closet for 5 years and have tried so hard to not have to swap out clothes each season, but I went ahead with these because I’m taking spring / summer shirts off a shelf and just putting them in the organizer and then will put sweaters in there during summer months . So the organizers aren’t staying in the closet …but if your closet was big enough to house them, then I could see using them to hold clothes

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