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January Monday Memes

Hello and happy Monday! How was your weekend? Per usual, we had a busy Saturday and a more low key Sunday.

Saturday was filled with errands and two basketball games for Hayden. By Saturday evening, I felt like I’d hit a wall and was tired, achy, and even had a sore throat. I’m guessing the vaccine was starting to kick in? I was asleep by 9:30 on Saturday and felt a bit better Sunday morning. After church, I changed back into pajamas, ate soup for lunch, took an over two hour nap!

Then, it was time to cheer for the our Chiefs! …

who are headed to the Super Bowl!

Obviously, the weekend ended on a high note!

So, since it’s almost the end of January…(how is that even possible?!), I’m sharing some of my favorite memes from this month.

When I do my monthly meme post, I add to the post as the month goes on when I find funny memes. I thought I had this post pretty much wrapped up until…

Bernie and his mittens happened! So I had to share a few of my faves Bernie memes too!



I feel this deeply, y’all! Hadley is in the midst of cookie sales. She’s actually already surpassed her goal of 390 boxes! With no booth sales at Kroger this year (and just Covid restrictions in general), I wasn’t sure how she’d do. I helped her make a video to share with family, friends (and Facebook!), so that’s helped her meet her goal. Now we are just waiting on the cookies, so we can safely deliver them. Hayden wants his Lemonade cookies, STAT!

The kids will be surprised because I actually placed a small order to be shipped to the house while we wait on the bigger orders to come in. I’ve been so impressed with our out of town fam and friends receiving their orders in a matter of days! Real talk: I want my Peanut Butter Patties as much as Hayden wants his Lemonade cookies.


and this…


Of course, Bernie had to hang with my favorite ladies!


Sophia and Bernie are quite a match!

My gma sent me this one 🙂

As much as I love my GGs, the Big Bang Bernie meme is the best.


and…teacher memes for the win!

And I can’t find it but there was a meme of Bernie on the school playground with a caption about “teachers on playground duty.” haha 😂

And now…on to…

First of the Year Funnies:


Dorothy speaks the truth!


While this one made me laugh, I still love January for a fresh start!


Surely 2021 just started off rough and will get its act together.

I had a lot of memes this month thanks to the help of social media and Bernie. This post basically wrote itself. 😂

Ok…let me end on one very recent favorite Bernie meme:

Go Chiefs!

I hope these provide a laugh or two to start your week!

Take care,

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