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Tuesday Talk

I can’t believe it’s already the third week of January! This month is definitely flying by. I believe Erika and Ashley are still doing their Tuesday Talk link up this year, so today is the day.

I’ve seen people share about their Word of the Year, and then I saw this on the good ol’ gram…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a 5w6, so “embody” and “yes” would be the words for my Enneagram type. To be honest, while these words are fine, I’m feeling more like a 1 (progress over perfection), or a 7 (quality over quantity). Honestly, I could embrace a 5’s embody (a daily practice) because I’m pretty good at that. Consistency and routine are strong suits of mine, so embodying a daily practice would certainly be in my nature. As far as saying “yes,” to new experiences, well, I probably should do that but already feel overwhelmed from the “yes” I say to every day experiences 😉

When I started this year, I shared my 2021 goals in a blog post, but choosing a word for the year is something I’d like to do as well.

So, self-care was a word that popped into my mind almost immediately. Through the years, I’d gotten to where I felt guilty putting myself first. #andallthemomssaidamen That being said, about four years ago, I turned a corner and made my physical health a priority with a focus on whole food nutrition and exercise. I also started getting monthly facials (or other treatments) and buying quality skincare products to include in my daily routine.

As I’ve previously shared, my endometriosis was an issue for the past few years, and really interfered with my physical health. I’m feeling so much better post-hysterectomy, so I’ve started working out again. Whole food nutrition is a priority again as well as I try to get back on track with healthy eating and working out. I will continue to have my “me” time in the morning which is paramount for my mental health as well.

So, while I will get back on track and continue with self-care, I also want to just start (from where I am). To me, start is the perfect word for where I am currently in my life. I want to start over with my fitness and nutrition. Also, time is absolutely flying by, and I want to start being more intentional with my time with Travis and the kids. I also have other goals that I want to start working on in regards to this blog.

I want to continue to grow as a mom, as a wife, as a teacher, as a friend, and so on. To do that, self-care and starting from where I am, are perfect words for me to focus on in 2021.

What about you? What’s your word for 2021?

Make sure to check out the other ladies’ posts too, and thanks so much for reading!

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk

  1. That is a great theme! I am so glad you feel better post surgery. I think you are doing a great job at finding balance, starting where you are, and doing some self care. I give it up to anyone with young kids right now! You are creating some of the best memories of their childhood, I think. I am at a place where I might want to make some decisions but the pandemic kinda is stifling that. I can retire soon and I kind of want a second act in the bourbon industry maybe, but I’m not really done with teaching! I’d like to do more with the blog but that comes with its own set of decisions. Have a great day!

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    1. Thank you 😊 january is the perfect time to start fresh and I’m trying to embrace/ maximize this time still at home with being able to squeeze a workout in not too early in the morning or during lunchtime, etc. I’m cherishing this time at home because im hopeful we will be in person somewhat soon. While not close to retirement, I can’t believe I’m 2/3 the way finished with my career. I don’t see myself going past 30 years 😂


      1. It is but since I have been on the school calendar for 44 years I use August, too! I am cherishing the time at home, too. I really dread going back to such an intense schedule at school. At our school we teach six 50 minute classes, have one 50 minute planning period, and a 20 minute lunch. It just feels like a lot. More than 30 years is a lot!


  2. What a great word for 2021!! I am a enneagram type 1, and progress (over perfection) really fits my resolutions for this year too!! My word for the year is live!! I’m trying to focus on living in the moment rather than worrying about the small stuff!!

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  3. I love your words! You’re tight about pushing self care last for ourselves so I think it’s good that you will make it a priority. My kiddos are young so I struggle with that too. My word is hope! I just felt it was right for so many reasons. I also love your word start…you have to begin some where.

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  4. I’m a 7 (98% match) and 3 is a close second (also 98% match) and both of those words are probably just what I need. However, I picked “stretch” as my word for this year. I love how it encourages me to try new things, actually stretch, and also stretch my ideas of how I should spend my time to include some more rest/down time. I am not so good at that. I love your intentions behind self-care and start! You are setting yourself up for a great year! Have a super week.

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