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Day in the Life

Hello! How’s it going? This week has seemed to last a lifetime for some reason. I’m so tired….and the kids are too. I guess we are still adjusting to back to school life.

The good news is…today is my birthday! Hadley is trying to convince me to let us all take the day off, but I told her we’d power through and celebrate later.

Today I’m sharing a Day in the Life post. I love when others do these posts, and I haven’t done one in a long time. I chose Monday, January 11th when planning out my January blogs, and I assumed that it should be just a typical day…and it pretty much was!

That being said, it’s surprisingly difficult to remember to take pictures throughout the day….at least for me it is! Anyway, here’s how I spent this past Monday.

Monday, January 11, 2021

I woke up around 6:30. When I’m tired and struggle to get out of bed in the morning, I remind myself that during a normal school year, I get up twice a week at 5:20 to work out or get up at 6:00 otherwise! I do think I’m going to start aiming for a 6:15 wakeup call to start moving back towards reality.

From 6:40-7:20 I drank my coffee, scrolled Instagram, and read my favorite blogs. I love my quiet time in the morning. Homer usually joins me!

At 7:25, I woke the kids up and made their breakfast…waffle for Hayden (he likes to dip it in syrup), and English muffin with peanut butter for Hadley.

I finished packing lunches,

Homer wondered what he was having for breakfast, and …

I found Hayden back in bed…The Monday struggle was real!

I washed my face, made my bed and got dressed.

morning skincare

While the kids finished getting ready, I sorted the their clean laundry, so they could put it away after school.

Then, it was time to take the kids to the school pod.

I came back home, checked and responded to emails, and finished getting ready for the day.

I went to school from 9:30 to around 2:00. I was so productive at school which is always a good feeling!

Then, I had a quick errand for an Amazon return at the UPS store before heading home.

Homer was excited to see me!

I ate lunch around 2:15, checked emails, and then

picked the kids up from school!

Once we got home and settled, I checked and responded to more emails, had Zoom appointments with students and finished up at around 4:15.

Then, I ordered this sweatshirt for Hadley. She had a Valentine’s Day sweatshirt that she wore for four years before finally outgrowing it last year. So, this one will probably last her a few years as well!

Then, I took some time to respond to blog comments and read other posts since it was the first Not Just a Mom link up of 2021!

Then, I took some photos to prep for Wednesday’s Let’s Look post.

After that, I had Hadley answer questions, so I could submit them for Dance Spotlight at her studio.

I finally got to do my workout at 5:15.

Then, I took Hadley to dance because Travis was working late.

I came home and made dinner. Shay’s Easy Skillet Enchiladas were a hit! I’d never made this recipe of hers before, and it’s definitely going into the dinner rotation!

Then, I caught up with Travis about our day and finally completed the Amazon Associate info and figured out how to share links (I think!)

Around 8:00, it was time to pick up Hadley. Before doing so, I stopped by Walgreens to pick up Ibuprofen because Hadley was getting braces next day.

After picking up Hadley, I warmed up her dinner, and she showed us the dances her competition team is working on. (post-dance class tradition!) haha

Finally, it was time for a shower and PM skin care routine.

I was so tired! It was definitely a busy Monday. The kids went to bed around 9:15, and by 9:30 I was reading my book.

I could barely keep my eyes open, so I didn’t read for long. I decided to watch an episode of my favorite show with my favorite ladies before falling asleep around 10:15.

So, that was my Monday! Overall, it was a pretty average and good day…for a Monday!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

Take care,

6 thoughts on “Day in the Life

      1. That’s really funny! It was requested on my survey I did and I thought Monday was pretty typical. I started fading on my fotos toward the end of the day!


  1. I love day in the life posts!! Thanks for sharing! As a back to hybrid teacher, relish in the sleeping in! Do it every day that you can!!! Happy birthday!! That dinner looks delicious and I think my family would like it too! Have a great day!

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