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January 2021: Prime Purchases

Well, it’s the first Tuesday of the month (and of 2021), and I’m so happy that Tanya is still hosting her Prime Purchases link up. I love looking at what others purchase, and sharing my purchases as well.

In December, I bought a few odds and ends, some clothes (per usual), and a few gifts. So, I’m sharing those with you today!

Notes and Note pads:

I purchased some lunch box notes at the beginning of the school year, and they lasted me until the end of the semester. My kids take their lunches on the two days they go to the pod. I’m guessing next year in middle school they won’t want lunchbox notes, so I will embrace this last semester of elementary school!

I needed some magnetic pads of paper for our grocery lists, and I thought this pack was cute!


I’d seen this sweater swirling around IG Stories and thought it looked just my style. I ordered it in this navy blue in a large…It’s very soft, cozy and great quality. I will say I wouldn’t call this navy blue. It has more of a green coloring to it. I love the color either way. I’ve seen some style it as a sweater dress, so that’s why I got the large. That being said, I still only would feel comfortable wearing it with leggings.

I did order it in a size medium in the pink color, and it’s more of a perfect fit and still works with leggings. I’m keeping both sizes and colors because I love it and the fit is meant to be oversized anyway.

{Affiliate linked photo)

Now that I’m focused on getting back on track with working out, I purchased this zip up in blue and love it for a lightweight option to put over workout tops. I’ve seen the price fluctuate on it, but I did get it for under $20.

{affiliate linked photo}


As always, Amazon came in clutch for Christmas presents. I ordered quite a few things for family members and the kids, but here are a few of the items.

Travis is a runner. When I saw this beanie with the built in light, I knew it would be perfect for him on morning runs. The price was great when I bought it, but it looks like it’s even cheaper now!

{affiliate link}

TAGVO USB Rechargeable LED Beanie Cap, Lighting and Flashing Alarm Modes 8 LED Hands Free Flashlight, Easy Install Quick Release Headlamp Beanie, Unisex Winter Warmer Knit Cap Hat

I asked for this meat chopper last year for Christmas, and loved it so much that I purchased a couple for family members. It’s life changing. Seriously…it’s such a handy kitchen gadget.

Hadley has taken an interest in skincare lately, and I thought this facial spin brush would be perfect for her to use since she’s started washing her face. I swear she knows more about skincare, beauty and hair products than I ever will!

This purchase was a last minute gift. After purging Hayden’s closet, we found an ink cartridge box full of cash! Hayden quit using his piggy bank because he lost the cork that holds the money in the bank. So, he’d been hoarding his cash in the random box! It almost got thrown out! Travis suggested I look for a KC Chiefs piggy bank, but I didn’t see any options. So I put two and two together, and bought this bank…

and these stickers….

to make Hayden a KC Chiefs piggy bank. He was so excited!

the other stickers are on the back…

So…that’s a peek at what I Primed this month! What purchases did you make?

My “dry” January typically consists of not making any Amazon purchases, but I have purchased a few organizational items because January also means purging and organizing around here. Those items haven’t arrived yet, but I can share those next month. Otherwise, I’m pausing Amazon purchases for the rest of this month. My debit card needs a break.

Check out Tanya’s Prime Purchases schedule and join us next month!

Thanks so much for reading, and happy Priming!

11 thoughts on “January 2021: Prime Purchases

  1. I also like the sweater by same brand that has a true turtleneck and a seam down the middle. I am picky about turtlenecks and don’t want to feel constricted. I don’t have any sweaters like this and think I want it in cream. You found some good stuff! I had the meat chopper and decided I liked my wooden spoon better but lots love it!

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    1. I really do love the sweater. I’ve worn both colors a couple times over the past few weeks. There’s usually one sweater I love each season and buy in a couple colors and this must be it this year 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am cracking up about the piggy bank because I can so see that happening at my house! And why had I not thought to incorporate my spending into dry January too?? Definitely trying to get back on a health kick after 6 weeks of being out fo control in just about every area!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have seen that sweater everywhere! You people are wearing on me, I think I need it! Every time I cook ground meat, I think…why do I not have the meat chopper thing???? And then I keep using my spatula and being annoyed. Need to finally cave and grab one.

    Liked by 1 person

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