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December Memes: Holiday Edition

Hello and Happy Monday! I’m going to keep it rather short and sweet today because I’m typing this in between rounds of baking cookies…with the kids!

We had a great weekend filled with Christmas fun. I’ll share more about that tomorrow!

For now, here are some holiday themed memes I’ve seen over the past month that have made me laugh out loud!



Tis the season…


Y’all, I feel this one deeply. My Christmas cards finally arrived, but I’m still waiting on a few key packages to arrive that I ordered WEEKS ago!


I didn’t even get to the laundry this weekend. Sigh.


Well, I didn’t get out of my pajamas yesterday! That being said, whether it’s warm or cold outside, I’m all about the pj lyfe as soon as I get home.




Sometimes Facebook it just too much for me to handle…haha


This one is a classic, and I love it!


This one reminds me of Hadley who always checks “I tried” rather than “naughty” or “nice” on the wish list paper the elf leaves the kids.


This rings true… especially in 2020. We’ve spent a lot of time together this year! Really, I just want to tag someone else in for bedtime. I’m sure I will give up over the next two weeks, and they will be tucking ME into bed!


Oh 2020…you’ve been a doozy!

I hope these memes started your week off right with a laugh or two!

We are thankful to not be setting an alarm for the next few weeks and have less to do. I’m finished buying gifts, I but still need to make myself wrap everything which feels like such a chore. While it’s nice to have a break from school, we still have a few errands and appointments this week which makes it hard for me to feel like I can just relax and chill. The second week of break tends to be more relaxing for me.

Anyway, I hope you have a great week! I plan on blogging Tuesday and Wednesday this week, so I’ll see you then!

5 thoughts on “December Memes: Holiday Edition

      1. Same here! I am stressing about ordering boys books for semester 2. We sit down and do it together bc have to decide to rent or buy certain books.


      2. Yes! It is much better now with rental! I thought we would have to pay much more but again my boys don’t need the pricey math and science bc they are studying English and Music.


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