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T-minus two days until Winter break! Per usual for this time of the year, I feel like we’re hanging on by a thread over here! I always say…”Tis the season…for mom to lose her mind!” 😆

The weather went from beautiful to soggy and dreary in a matter of a day! I think that’s making us all feel extra tired and just ready for a break!

Today, I thought I’d share a quick Currently post about what’s been going on around here!

I’m currrently…


Travis! He gave Hadley and me this Mary Kay 12 Days of Christmas gift set. I have two friends who sell MK, so he purchased one for Hadley and me as well as one for each of his sisters (and their daughters). Travis has always been a great gift giver! Also, Hadley has already opened all 12 days! 😂


Teacher gifts! We gave the pod teacher a gift card to one of her favorite local stores. Then, the kids dropped off gifts for their teachers yesterday at school (front office). I’d had these zip pouches saved on my Etsy app as an idea for teacher gifts. They turned out so cute, and I put some sticky notes and felt tip markers in each one. The kids each wrote a card to their teachers, and those notes are always sweet and fun to read. I was happy to support small businesses during this holiday season.


The generosity of others! This time of the year tends to bring out the best in people, but I feel like people have been extra generous in 2020.

From food drop off for God’s Pantry, clothing donations, Angel Tree gifts, and dinners for families in need at school, I love seeing the community come together to spread joy and happiness in such a trying time for so many.


Baking shows! Like last month, I just love to watch these holiday baking shows on the Food Network. I enjoy them like some people enjoy Hallmark movies!


Two books…I’m currently reading Holidaze on my Kindle and 25 Days ’til Christmas from the library. I usually have one Kindle book and one paperback book I’m reading. I’m enjoying both of these books, and they are certainly sweet Christmas books to read in December.


UPS workers! Travis did the shopping, and Hadley helped me put this basket together for our mailman and the other workers dropping off packages. I printed the sign from Etsy! (only 99 cents!)


About the kids looking out window in 2011. I love when this picture pops up in my Facebook memories, and I loved those pjs with their names on their bottoms.


The final touches of Christmas for our elf. He moves every night, leaves little sayings on our sign, gives little gifts, or just does something silly. He likes to have a plan for his visits!

He always leaves a bag of Reindeer Food: oats, glitter, and this cute poem for the kids to find the morning of December 24th.


Like Homer…so tired 😂


At this meme…

I know the postal service is overworked. I saw someone share a photo of a process room at a post office, and it was slammed.

My Christmas cards that I ordered on November 30th finally arrived yesterday. According to tracking, they’d been in Kentucky since December 9th, so I tried not to lose hope that they’d arrive on my doorstep! I was afraid I’d have mark out, “Merry Christmas” and write “Happy New Year!”

I guess it still might be a good idea because who knows when I will get them out or when others will receive them!

So, there’s a little glimpse of what’s been going on around here. See you back here tomorrow for my last Friday Favorites post of 2020!

Take care,

5 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I love these posts!
    Two more days of virtual school. I wonder what attendance will be. I know they are done! I feel like I shouldn’t complain because I’ve had the choice of working from home or school. It doesn’t feel like Christmas is only a week away! Have a great day!

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    1. I know. In some ways, this semester has drawn on and on…& then again, I can’t believe how quickly it’s finished. I know one person who feels “done” with school…Hayden 😂Our students are taking finals, so I think attendance has been pretty good…& I’ve been busy with students cramming in makeup work by tomorrow. I keep joking that the past two weeks have been the “Black Friday” of school — students panicking and wanting the best deals 😂

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      1. Our semester doesn’t end until Jan 15 and we aren’t doing final exam days this year – thankfully. We can do a project or a test but get to decide how and when. It makes more sense this year. There is a lot of cheating going on I’m sure. I was telling another teacher that they only way I know for sure if they have learned something is with a direct question on Google meet – on the spot!
        Hope Hayden makes it through!

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    1. Yes. Tomorrow is our last day and we are supposed to go back on the 4th…but they now extended break until Thursday 1/7. (And added those three days to the end of the school year) I’m really love both of the books. Hope to finish them this weekend 😀


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