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December Prime Purchases

Happy December 1st, friends!

It’s Prime Purchases blog post day! I love this link up with Tanya because I always like to see what people have purchased over the past month! Today’s post is a two for one because I’m sharing what I purchased in November as well as sharing my TOP 5 Prime Purchases of 2020.

November Purchases:


I’ve had a couple of sweaters on my list to purchase once the weather turned colder. At the end of the month, I ordered these two sweaters, and I love them. They are both soft and cozy.

Fuzzy Knitted Sherpa Sweater

This one is “one size fits all,” and is a bit over-sized on me. (Apparently, at some point, it was $80…I can assure you I paid this cheaper price tag!)

Both are perfect to wear with leggings or jeans!


Erika shared these practice baseballs that her sons use, so I picked them up for Hayden as a last minute birthday gift.

Speaking of birthdays, Hadley has asked me for blue light blocker glasses since the beginning of the school year. Since the kids are learning online right now, I thought they would be the perfect gift to go along with a couple other goodies I’d picked up for her for her birthday.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

She’s always wanted to wear glasses, and they look so cute on her. I keep telling her that her day will come when she will actually need glasses, but I guess she’s felt left out since Hayden (and Trav and I) have glasses.

Since it was a 4 pack of glasses, I claimed one pair for myself!

Funny flashback story: For kindergarten registration, we had to get their vision checked. Neither kid needed glasses at the time, but Hadley had her sights set on glasses. Halfway through the exam, the technician turned to me and said, “I think she’s just making this up as she goes!” Needless to say, we had to start the exam over! 😂


I ordered this cable knit tree skirt for my new pencil tree. It’s perfect and fits the homey vibe I was going for with the tree.

Here it is on our tree…that Hadley has named Frosty! 😊

I’ve now moved the tree into our bedroom to make room for our bigger artificial tree.

I hardly decorated the sun room in years past, but we do hang out there so much more now that we switched out the furniture back in the spring. So, I ordered these pillow covers to go over my usual pillows that are out there. They are absolutely perfect, and there are a ton of cute options. I was so pleased with them when they arrived (and happy to not have to also get pillow inserts since I could use my current pillows!)

Here they are in the sun room…


Last year, I bought a “Clapper” at Walgreens for the sun room Christmas tree since it’s hard to get back behind the tree to plug it in every night. The kids each have a tree in their room, and I moved the pencil tree to our bedroom, so I looked on Amazon and found these plug ins…with one remote. From my bedroom, I can turn off each kid’s tree and my tree with the one remote! Genius.

Since both the kids, especially Hadley, like to fall asleep to the glow of their tree, this has been a life saver!

I love PB2 for my shakes…but it seems to be hard to find at Kroger these days. I found this two pack on Amazon, and they will last me quite some time!

Amazon 2020 Faves:

Tanya mentioned for December’s post, we could also share our fave Amazon finds of 2020.

Here mine are…in no particular order…


This fleece waffle blanket is so perfect that I bought two of them for the chairs in our living room. They come in a variety of colors, but mine are this “slate blue” color.


I’ve been raving about these Hanes sweatshirts since the spring. I have them in pink, black, and this blue color. You can’t beat the price at under $9!!


I shared about this tank last month, and I still wear the black or glacier gray one under most sweatshirts or cardigans I wear. The tank is a perfect staple for your wardrobe.


I heart this mug so much. It’s stainless steel and keeps my coffee warm. I have the aqua color, and use it almost daily. That being said, the only downside is that it doesn’t fit in my car cup holder, but I use it for my morning coffee while at home. I rarely use the lid unless I’m going somewhere and know I can manage not spilling it even while in my car.

I just love the fact that it keeps my coffee warm for quite some time while I’m at home.


These slippers are EVERYTHING. I’ve worn these since the summer, and so far, they haven’t been #Homered. haha They keep my feet warm, I can wear them outside if needed, they are so soft. These are definitely a great gift idea!

I saw Shay share this graphic in her Instagram stories the other day, and it made me laugh.

I’m sure Amazon will continue to come in clutch for holiday shopping! I only purchased a few things yesterday for Cyber Monday on Amazon, but I know that it will continue to be a great resource for me during the holidays.

What have you been Priming lately? Don’t forget to check out the other posts in Tanya’s link up!

Thanks so much for reading, and happy shopping!

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