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Hey! Hey! We are so close to the weekend which is giving me life at the moment! Today, I’m sharing a Currently post just sharing a little bit of this and a little bit of that about what’s been going on. So..

I’m Currently…


Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand. I’d heard everyone talking about Trouble in Paradise, the third book in series, and realized I needed to start at the beginning with this book. I’m flying through it and certainly enjoy it. I think I will add the other two to my list to read in January (as I’m going to read Christmas books in December like I did last year!)


for the kids’ birthday! The weather is going to be pretty mild tomorrow, so we decided to let them each invite a couple friends over to play outside for a couple of hours. I ordered these cups from a local small business (@cupsoncochran) as a party favor. We are going to fill them with candy and add in a small hand sanitizer in the cup as well. #2020bday


about how we went from this…

to this…

in the blink of an eye. I can’t even believe how quickly these years have flown by!


for a very different and simple Thanksgiving. The holidays are such a special, but sometimes stressful, time. This year is just so complicated. Ugh.

This year, we’ll make the most of it. There will still be turkey, carbs, and pumpkin pie, so I will be ok 😉

Last week, I did share some of my favorite things about Thanksgiving, so I will cling to those and pray that next year we are back to some sense of normalcy.


The kids have been opening cute (and funny!) birthday cards over the past week or so.

My dad is taking Covid seriously by not taking unnecessary trips to Hallmark and using the resources he already has on hand 😂

While my mom and Gma always deliver with the beautiful handcrafted cards!


Thanksgiving and Christmas baking shows! This time of the year, I love to watch these shows on the Food Network. The shows put me in the holiday spirit!


(so I don’t cry) at this meme. I’ve loved watching the Queen’s Gambit, and 2020 has been rough, so this meme really hits home!

That being said, I’m certainly also…


On this year and counting my blessings even if the holidays and our daily life look differently right now. 2020 has forced my family of four to slow down, I found time to take care of a health issue, the kids have a wonderful school schedule with awesome teachers, and we’ve been able to navigate these uncharted waters somewhat successfully. Of course, there have been times of stress; it’s sad not being able to see family easily, that mask wearing is now the norm, and my kids are missing out on a regular school year.

We just keep taking things one day at a time, and hope that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel.

See you back here tomorrow for a VERY special Friday Favorites…the twins turn 11!

11 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Yesterday was a bummer and a big reality check. But, celebrate those kids and that will help! I’m trying to have the mindset of what I can do and not what I can’t. I’m feeling lucky that we got through a semester of college. Mason should be up to 43 credit hours and Jack 32 so that is a big deal. I really thought they would be sent home in September.

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    1. Yes, yesterday was rough, but I knew it was coming. I’m trying to stay positive too. I do feel overwhelmed about the situation more often than I’d like to be. I’m so happy your boys have been able to have a semester at college!

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      1. I didn’t know it was coming. I haven’t watched much news because I didn’t have local tv. I was kinda shocked. I’m perplexed about the numbers being so high since we aren’t in school and everyone is wearing masks. My friends say it’s the house gatherings.

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      2. I don’t watch the daily briefings but see some updates on Twitter. Tuesday they said Wednesday there’d be some new restrictions. I’m not sure. I know many in person schools are in a pinch because teachers have been having to quarantine

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  2. Happy birthday to your dear twins! I feel the same way you do about the covid situation…it’s hard and strange all at the same time, but I’m thankful for the time with my family and our schooling options. Love the card from your dad!

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    1. I’m so thankful we’ve had a great virtual experience so far. My kids are Independent, have great teachers, go to a pod two days a week, etc. I know we are blessed and I’m sad for those who are struggling. And, yes my dad is 😂 and I can’t believe the kids will be 11.


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