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November Prime Purchases

Hey! How’s it going? Since it’s Election Day today, we are off school. So, for us, that means a slow start to the day mixed with crossing some items off our “to do” list….and, by “our list,” I mean I will be bossing the kids around today. πŸ˜‚

I’m linking up with Tanya for her monthly Prime Purchases post. I do have a few purchases this month, and some were for me, some for the kids, and a couple items were just general items for around the house.

For Me:

Y’all…this tank is THE BEST! I saw Jen Reed share about it in Insta Stories a few times, and I purchased it in the glacier grey color, but loved it so much that I immediately ordered it in black. It’s perfect to wear under a cardigan, but I find that I wear them under most sweaters or sweatshirts. I love the hi-lo length, so the tank covers my backside! So, this tank comes in handy especially when wearing leggings. I’m sure I will order another color at some point to add to the rotation.

Also, seen on Insta Stories…these workout leggings. Michelle (@ellerydesigns) chats about them pretty often on her stories. Then, she shared them again on Prime Day, so I went ahead and purchased them in the navy marl color because they were $23 that day. The material is thick, there are many color options, and they suck you in… in all the right places!

Then, I ordered my favorite OPI color: Funny Bunny because my other bottle was all used up! I paint my nails once a week, and this is my “go to” color.

For the Kids:

Hadley recently chose the flute as her band instrument. We quickly realized she needed cloths to clean her flute. Thankfully, she seems to be taking pretty good care of her new instrument so far!

Hayden kept it pretty simple with his Patrick Mahomes Halloween costume. We’d already ordered the KC Chiefs sweatbands, but realized eye black stickers would solidify the costume.

For the House:

I’ve had the same recipe cards forever…and finally needed to get a few more. While I do rely pretty heavily on blogs and Pinterest for recipes, if I make something I know we’d all like to have again, I like to write the recipe down. So, I purchased these recipe cards. Colorful and cute! 60 recipe cards for $10…these should last me awhile!

Lastly, we are going to try One. More. Time…to keep the wireless computer mouse out of Homer’s reach. I’ve purchased this same mouse three times in about as many months. Good grief.

So, that’s a little peek at my Prime Purchases. What have you been Priming?

Tanya’s next link up is December 1st…and the theme for that post is “Best of Amazon”….where you can share what you purchased in November but are also encouraged to share your favorite Amazon purchases of 2020!

As always, thanks so much for reading!

Take care,

6 thoughts on “November Prime Purchases

  1. My son was just asking for a mouse for Christmas. With all his virtual schooling he’s been swapping the house one over each day for school and then swapping it back for online fun with friends at night. I’ll have to add that to my list!

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