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September Monday Memes

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty much the same as last weekend with all activities involving the kids! They had a cross country meet on Friday followed by Girl Scouts for Hadley, and then Hayden had baseball the rest of the weekend…which means we did too!

Hadley was able to go to the pumpkin patch with a friend yesterday, so she was relieved of some baseball duties 😉

We are ready for our short school week this week. Fall Break for us is Thursday and Friday of this week

I thought I’d start Monday off with a laugh or two!


This meme is 100% me. I can’t control my facial expressions…and I’ve really realized that during Zoom meetings. 🤣


I’ve said it before but half of my motivation when getting out of bed is being so efficient with my time with work, activities, and to do lists, that I just stay focused on the ultimate goal of being back in my pjs by dinnertime!


2020. Am I right? Burpees are my least favorite exercise of all time.


This! So funny and sadly true.


Yes. Real talk. 🤣




This one makes me laugh and want to cry at the same time. School pictures from a few years ago popped up in my Facebook memories yesterday. Truly, I hope the kids are back in school soon, and I certainly hope school pics are on the school calendar!


I’ve seen this saying a few times. Too funny. And…it’s almost October. We’ll blink, and it will be Halloween!

I hope these memes provide a good start to your week. Have a good one!

Take care,

4 thoughts on “September Monday Memes

  1. Love memes! I like to text them to my friends during the week to hopefully make them smile! Our kinda fall break is Friday and Monday. Teachers are off Friday and Monday is an extra day of pay if we choose to do parent teacher conferences and I always do. I’m setting up appointments now for Zoom conferences. Another first for me! Lol! I learned to use Loom this weekend and I was super proud of myself. We had to make an open house video since we can’t be in person. Have a great short week!


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