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Weekend Wrap Up

Hello and Happy Tuesday! My family enjoyed our 3 day weekend. How about you?

After a full week of school, it was nice knowing we had an extra Monday to relax and reset. Here’s a little recap of our 3 day weekend.


Friday evening, I finished reading Wild at Heart. I enjoyed it! Then, later that night, I started In Five Years. I’d been on the wait list at the library for what felt like forever, and it finally arrived for me to pick up. It’s only a two week check out, so I feel the pressure to get it read! 😉It’s actually a pretty short book, and it’s good so far. I’m sure I’ll meet the deadline.

Friday evening, Hayden was at a birthday party, Travis was watching the Oaks with a couple friends, and Hadley set herself up a play date. While the girls played, I chatted with the moms in the front yard. Then, we went home for a late dinner.


The kids (and Travis) had cross country practice. While they were gone, I went for a walk…and decided to go off the beaten path a bit…

Homer wanted to remind everyone it was Derby day 😉

It wasn’t our typical Derby Day, but Travis kept his longstanding tradition of placing bets 😂He basically posted up in the sun room Friday afternoon and then all day Saturday with the tv, his computer, phone, and racing forms. Derby is certainly his favorite day of the year.

The cousins came over to play, and stayed for the race…

They don’t get to see each other often, so it’s nice when they do!

After they left, we grilled out, and honestly all went to bed pretty early for a Saturday night!


I took another walk on Sunday morning. It’s been such beautiful weather that I wanted to take advantage of it.

Hayden started watching Indian in the Cupboard movie. They are reading that book at the tutor’s house; he actually finished reading it on Saturday night!

Of course, Sunday is grocery pick up day, and then Hadley helped me make Andrea’s Pumpkin Sugar Cookies.

Oh my word are these good. Travis worked most of the day, and when he got home, I heard Hayden say, “Dad try these! They are amazing!” #truthyall

I did just use store bought frosting and not homemade.

Hayden was excited because he got NBA 2K21 …with his own money!

The kids played outside most of the day! Then, I made Andrea’s Ravioli Casserole. It was so good and made plenty. (Clearly you need to read Andrea’s blog for dinner and dessert ideas!)

I capped off the evening with a glass of wine on the back patio. I love Sunday night of a 3 day weekend!

When Sunday feels like a Saturday…❤️


Monday started off in the best kind of way…not setting an alarm! We took it slow on Monday. Travis had to work, but I actually slept in until 8:00, and the kids slept until 9:00. I enjoyed my coffee before running to the grocery for a few things I needed for Monday night’s dinner. Then, I got a work out in, did laundry, and tried to get us organized for the week!

We ended our Monday with dinner with a few neighbors on their patio. One of our neighbors is moving, so we were celebrating them. We are sad they are leaving our part of town, but they will still be in Lex!

It’s bittersweet for sure…especially for Hadley as it means one of her good friends won’t be just up the street anymore. We’ll have to plan play dates in the future!

Love this crew.

Sweet friends.

The neighbors who are moving gave the other three families this ornament. Love it so much.

It was a lovely evening, and one that we certainly needed. It was good to catch up and let the kids play.

Now, we’re ready to tackle this week of school…as well as baseball, cross country, and dance! I’m already ready for a nap, y’all.

Leaving off on a funny note…My Gma sent this to me, and I laughed! Thankfully, we’ve had a pretty smooth start to the year.

Have a great week!

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