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You Can Only Keep 3

I have a short mid-week post for you today! I saw this on Instagram the other day and thought I’d share. My three items to keep kept changing, but I finally settled on:

My 3:

  • Books: Of course, you know me, I love to read. I often read two books at once (one hardback book and one book on my Kindle)
  • Coffee: I probably drink too much coffee, but I can’t start my day without a cup or two. (or three)…with a splash of creamer.
  • Messy Bun: On repeat. All the time. My hair is usually in a low messy bun unless I have somewhere I need to be….which isn’t very often right now!


I can live without

  • Jeans: Although, I do have a favorite pair or two, jeans are not a must have for me (right now with not many places to go!)
  • Tea: I do like an occasional sweet tea, but coffee and Diet Coke are my caffeine fixes.
  • Lipstick: Not a fan. I love Chapstick and lip glosses. IF I wear lipstick, it’s a soft pale pink situation…not a fan of bright and bold.

So those are the three things I’d keep. What about you? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “You Can Only Keep 3

  1. Books (of course), leggings, and tacos. I was listening to the Today show today and in the conversation with Ree Drummond they called jeans “hard pants”. I thought it was perfect. I don’t need hard pants in my life these days. The comfier, the better!

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  2. Coffee – absolutely can’t start my day without it
    Netflix – I always have it on because I live alone and when I am working on a work project I actually like to have the “noise” in the background! (Currently watching Charmed again … it’s a Good One!!)
    Leggings (Yoga Pants) – I literally have like 10 pairs that I wear in rotation and because I work from home I really have no reason to wear jeans unless I am going somewhere nice. Which won’t be happening for a while. LOL

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