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July Monday Memes

Hi! How was your weekend? We actually just got back from visiting my family in KC. I hadn’t seen my Gma since Thanksgiving, my mom since early February, and my dad since mid-March (right before everything shut down). Anyway, this road trip was the best yet. I’m reminded that travelling does get easier as the kids get older.

That being said, it’s back to reality which means laundry, grocery pick up, appointments and more. So, I thought I’d keep this post short, sweet and funny….with some of my favorite memes that I’ve seen this month.


This! I can’t wait for the day when things are back to “normal.”


This actually popped up as something I shared a few years ago on Facebook.

July is bringing the heat for sure…especially in KC. On Saturday, the heat index was 103! Thankfully, my mom’s friend let us swim in his pool for a couple of hours!


One thing I have embraced during this time is realizing I don’t need to go to all the places all of the time.


This could definitely count as a “mom meme.” 😂Although, I’ve always been one to turn down my radio so I could think 😂


I don’t even like to jog in place during a workout. Feet need to stay on the ground!


I’ve admitted I’m not much of a talker on the phone. This meme is definitely for me…but mostly for phone calls that are more business, not personal.


Amazon for the win, y’all! 😂

Hopefully, these memes provided a laugh or two.

Today is filled with unpacking, getting caught up on school emails, taking the kids for their yearly eye exams, & calling for an unexpected ortho appointment…Hayden’s appliance needs fixed I think.

I hope you have a great week.

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