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Life Lately

We’ve been walking the the fine line of busy but not too busy…so I thought I’d share a little of what we’ve been up to.


We’ve definitely been enjoying our new family sized inflatable pool 😉 Since we decided not to join our club pool this summer, I knew we had to have something. A couple of afternoons in this confirmed that all I need is a little water, the sunshine, and a book. It will do for now and hopefully next summer will look a little more “normal.”

Hadley and I tested it out the first day.

The next day we let Hayden…

and Homer join us! Fingers crossed the pool won’t get #Homered this summer.

Homer hopped right in (whether we wanted him to or not), and then just hung out. I was impressed he wasn’t super crazy. The day before, he kept running laps around it before jumping in, so I was legit concerned he was going to pop it.

That being said, he barely pays any attention to it now, so maybe the novelty has worn off.

Hadley’s Swimsuit

Also, there’s been lots of bike riding for the neighborhood kids lately!

Travis and Hayden have been busy with baseball….lots of practices and the first game is tonight.

The kids decided they wanted to start a dog walking business. They even made some flyers and have a couple of steady clients. They are splitting the money they earn.

Trader Joe’s:

Last weekend, I made another quick trip to Trader Joe’s for only some flowers and a watermelon. I wanted to get more peonies before they go out of season.


Poor Homer has been scratching for a couple of weeks. The vet said we could give him Benadryl, and that did help his overall itching. BUT…he kept scratching and licking his back paws to the point where they were pink and raw. So, we made an appointment with the vet who thinks he may have a grass allergy. So, he received an allergy shot, and we’ll see if he needs another in the future. I’m still hoping it was a fluke.


On Netflix, I’ve been watching season 2 of Dead to Me and only have a few episodes left.

Travis and I started watching All-American. It has a Friday Night Lights/90210 vibe, and the first few episodes are pretty good. I didn’t realize it’s been on the CW…and after reading that, I feel like the show does seem like one that would be on that channel.


My blog post yesterday was about what I read in June. I also started Our Little Lies, and so far, it’s SO good.

McConnell Springs Park:

Yesterday, the kids and I went to McConnell Springs Park here in Lexington. I’d never been before and figured it would be a good outside activity. There were a few trails, and we wandered around for about an hour and a half. We saw the Blue Hole, the Boils, and the Wetland Pond among other things. We went around 10:30 before it got too hot, but the shaded trails and overcast day definitely helped make for a pleasant experience.

ready to explore
The Blue Hole
I loved the limestone fencing.
Wetland Pond

Afterwards, we headed the the Distillery District to eat pizza at Goodfellas. I knew that would be a good spot to eat because of the outside patio. What I didn’t know was what a great lunch special they have! For $7, you get a huge slice of pizza, a drink, and a choice of bread stick or cookie (both are huge!)


Just to end on a funny note…The other day, Hadley showed me yet another Tik Tok dance she’d learned.

Hayden is over it…He looked right at me and said, “Mom, if Hadley becomes a professional Tik Tok-er would you still be proud of her ?” 😂

It just made me laugh. Hadley’s always on 100…and Hayden is more like me…very low energy 😉

Anyway, that’s a look at our Life…Lately. See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites: 4th of July edition.

5 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Great stuff! Where is the distillery district? Did you know I went to Georgetown college and then lived in Lex for 4 years? I lived off Richmond Road for awhile and then off of Man of War near Hartland I think it was called. I taught at Woodford Cty HS.
    That park looks nice! The pool, the bike rides, and back to baseball are such positives.

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    1. Distillery district is outside of downtown on Manchester street. There’s a few restaurants, ice cream place, ax throwing place , food trucks, a brewery . It has great outside seating by the creek .
      Our house before this one was by hartland:)

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    1. Today, they started feeding the neighbor’s cat while they are out of town & watering another neighbor’s flowers. They’ve made $50+ this week. I may need a loan ! 😂


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