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June Monday Memes

Hello and Happy Monday! We had a pretty low key weekend with some very soggy and overcast weather. I did a few things around the house as well as did some laundry and got my grocery shopping for the week completed. Thankfully, that means my Monday “to do” list has a lot less things on it!

I couldn’t let the month of June wrap up without sharing some of my favorite memes that I’ve seen the past few weeks.

This first meme made me laugh. I’m definitely a texter vs. being a talker.

I do this so often that I’m afraid to admit it. Usually, I’m trying to remember two things at a time and then completely forget both!

2020. Am I right?

When this meme popped up as I was scrolling Facebook, and literally laughed out loud. Poor Travis 😉

Since we are on month 4(ish) of being home pretty consistently, I did have to have a little sit down with the kids to remind them dishes go in the dishwasher rather than staying in the sink. I also told them to clean up one mess (hello, Hadley!) before starting another. Additionally, dirty underwear does not belong on the floor. And for the love of all things holy, please hang up your wet towel!

Speaking of kids…but really….There have been quite a few 10:00 (or later) bedtimes lately, and Hayden now knows to turn on my sound machine on his way to bed 😉

My mom friend group text included this meme the other day. #truth

With still no answers about the start of the school year, I know my teacher friends can relate with these last two memes…


and this…

I hope these memes provided a laugh or two!

Have a great week.

8 thoughts on “June Monday Memes

  1. I love all of these! You find the best ones – as does Cattlebaron in Cashmere on Insta- and I get so much enjoyment out of them. I guess that is one good thing to come out of this.
    My boys had a decent bedtime until junior year of high school and then they started tucking me in!
    I’m starting to get so anxious about school. If we are in person I’m going to have to literally change the way I do everything. My friend is high up in our union and she doesn’t think we can do in person. The uncertainty stinks, too.
    Good job getting your Monday tasks knocked out! I have to tackle those.

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    1. I’m now following Cattlebaron. Thank you! 😂 my kids have been playing outside so much, riding bikes etc that I’m begging them to come in at 9 to bathe and go to bed…so I guess it’s a good problem they are outside playing. I feel the same way about school. So much uncertainty. And for a point of reference to parents not in education who wonder what and when the decision will be…we have parents mad when there’s a 1/2 inch of snow and they don’t call off 🤪so I’d say there are many factors to weigh. I’d heard we may go back on time just to get kids acquainted with teachers before then probably having to call off. Who knows ?

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      1. She makes me lol! Your kids are having an 80s summer and that is awesome! I actually need to force myself to stay outside and enjoy the longer evenings. I’m just done and ready to watch tv by 8!
        We will never make everyone happy with our decision. JCPS is talking about letting parents choose online or in person. I don’t think I can manage both so that scares me. So much uncertainty right now. I think I need to just chill until there is something to stress about.

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      2. Yes I’m assuming we will have to give choice which is so overwhelming (for everyone). I always start feeling anxious in July…let lone under these circumstances 😂
        And we were just talking about an 80s summer. Inflatable pool, slip n slide, tons of bike riding, tie dye etc. so fun . I hope they will look back on this summer fondly. Usually our summers are just baseball and pool.

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      3. I always get a bit nervous after 4th of July! My main thing is just getting back on the train of being so busy and tired and not feeling like I can take off work. Maybe that will lessen with only me to worry about with my boys in college? I really don’t know. Also, I am starting my 27th year so I’m hoping that I will feel empowered that my job is a choice and not a mandate – does that make sense?
        I feel really certain that kids will remember this summer fondly. Parents have had to get creative!

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