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I’ve seen some bloggers do Currently posts about what they are up to or what’s on their minds. I found this list of verbs (not that I couldn’t think of my own…but #yeahGoogle) to use for a Currently post, and thought I’d give it a try!

So here’s a post about what’s currently going on and what’s currently on my mind.

I’m Currently…


Orthodontics appointments. Both of my kids are due for their phase 2 braces, but Hayden is going first! He gets his braces next week.

Baseball practices have started up this week, so I’m now writing all of those dates down on our family calendar.

Lastly, Hadley’s dance studio has a few workshops this summer, so I’m signing Hadley up for a couple that she wants to take.

Practice makes perfect


This mild weather. The weather this week has been awesome. Of course, last week were hanging out in the hot weather of Florida, but truly Lexington weather has been so great this week!

I’ve been able to get my walks in without sweating too much!


My closet. It’s a disaster, and I decided to tackle it this week. By “tackle,” I mean keep moving it to the bottom of my “to do” list. Organization will happen this week. I hope. 😂


Simple Wild on my Kindle.


I tried to choose a few healthy(ish) meals this week for dinner to get our family back on track. Upon our return home, we had very little food in the house, so I had to make a quick grocery order. I turned to Pinterest to find a few healthy(ish) meals that I had saved.

Sunday, we had this Chicken Broccoli Pasta and had leftovers on Monday.

Tuesday, I made this Weight Watchers Mexican Casserole. It was so delish!

Last night, we had salmon and Jasmine rice. I love that our Kroger has this option for cooking the fish in the oven. I just tell them what seasonings and ingredients I’d like, they put them in the oven bag with the fish. Then, you just bake the salmon in the bag. Easy clean up, and it’s delish. Both my kids, especially Hadley, love salmon!

Thursday night we are having steak/arugula/cheese flat bread wraps.


I ordered these books off of Amazon for the kids. Each year, I get the Summer Bridge Activity books for the next grade and have the kids do an activity or two a day. #mykidsloveme 😂

Hayden started reading the Harry Potter series with his teacher’s read aloud group. He read the first two with them, but then wanted to read the third book.

Lastly, I ordered Love Does for kids for the kids to read this summer.


About what the start of school will look like. We still don’t have any answers.


A Father’s Day card to my dad. I always buy him a Peanuts series card, but there weren’t any this year. I’m hoping he will like the Tom and Jerry card instead.

Happy Father’s Day to the Major!!


I finished my 48 hour cleanse, but I was drinking these juices from Whole Foods.


The library re-opening! Well, one of our libraries is now open for curbside pick up. I had one book to pick up. While this isn’t my regular library, I went ahead and drove to get it on Monday afternoon. We still can’t return books, so I don’t know how often I will have books to pick up, but I was happy to do so.

Also celebrating my brother’s birthday. We haven’t gotten together much lately, but it was good to get together and let the kids play and have a slice of cake.


A touch of flowers around the house.


At Hayden’s tan lines from his glasses. I seriously never see him without his glasses on. Even at night, he tells me good night, puts them on his bedside table and then immediately puts them on in the morning before exiting his bedroom. On this day, he’d been outside playing and was a sweaty mess. He took the glasses off to wipe his face, and I laughed at his tan lines. The contrast doesn’t show up as great in the pics…but it’s funny in person!


About this pic of the kids from 2010. Facebook has it’s flaws, but I appreciate when the memories pop up! Hayden and Hadley are wearing hand-me-downs from another set of boy/girl twins. Peace. Love. Twins.

Side note: Summer of 2010 was one of my faves. I was actually dreading it because I wasn’t sure if I could cut it as a stay at home mom (Real talk: I can’t), but the summers always provide extra quality time with the kids that I don’t take for granted, even now.

That summer was really good. The kids were on an awesome schedule, sleeping 10+ hours at night and still taking two solid naps a day. That summer, they started to sit up, acknowledge each other more, smile and were actually pretty easy.


Strawberry Shortcake. On Tuesday, we went to pick strawberries (more about that tomorrow), and then made the natural pit stop at Kroger to get whipped cream and yellow sponge cake shells. So good!

Strawberry picking was a fun experience.

Thanks so much for reading my first Currently post! See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

Take care,

5 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Love these types of posts! Have you ever said why you call your Dad the Major?
    Our library is accepting returns and they hold them somewhere for 72 hours. I am patiently waiting to be called for my next curbside pickup but I bought some more books to hold me over. We are anxiously awaiting the movie theater because we love going in the summer! Jack has an outdoor theatre class today and is so happy!

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    1. I don’t know why our libraries arent accepting returns yet. I hope they figure it out soon. I have 12 books from the the very last day they were open 😂My dad retired as a Major in the Kansas City police dept. Once the kids were born, instead of grandpa or whatever, he loved the idea of calling him Major.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it may have to do with the library workers being furloughed? They just don’t have the staff to process returns? I know – I was happy to get the 12 or so books off my hands.
        That is so cute! My dad was a Lt. Col. in Air Force and some called him the Colonel.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes that may be it. I’m sure they will get moving soon. We just have the one location for pickup right now and they were busy.
        He’s still dad to me but the grandkids call him that. It was a good choice, I think.

        Liked by 1 person

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