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May Memes

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend full of remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and for our freedoms.

Homer was feeling festive yesterday ❤️

In Kentucky, we were able to start getting back to a bit of “normalcy” this weekend. Restaurants can open up to 33% capacity, non-essential businesses are opening, and small gatherings (while maintaining social distancing) are now allowed. We’re still easing into this phase, but it’s nice to see us moving in a forward direction. I certainly hope it’s not two steps forward, three steps back.

Usually I share memes on Mondays, but decided to take a little break yesterday. The end of the school year definitely still takes its toll on me even from a distance!

But here are a few memes that made me laugh this month!


I’m a high-maintenance sleeper. Sound machine, dark, cool room, a weighted blanket, and my favorite pillow. Travis doesn’t need “all the things” to sleep like I do! That being said, I can nap like nobody’s business.

I love this meme, and it is my truth! Let’s just say I don’t necessarily have a happy go lucky personality. I’m more matter of fact and sarcastic!

This meme always makes me laugh…and I’ve always felt this way about group texts. I mean I love group texts if they are for the whole group…but I will be the first to send a text to just one friend or family member if it doesn’t need go to everyone. Sometimes, group texts overwhelm me. I joke that Hadley doesn’t know texting etiquette just yet with her Ipod…she will hold you hostage in a group text for the rest of your life!

I do make a point to shower every day, but when the kids were little, sleep would definitely win over showering if need be!

Only a few more days of working from home!! #praisehands

Of course, I’ve seen this meme over the past several weeks, and I’m sure everyone else has too! Thankfully, 1 and 2 are opening back up…but obviously, I need to keep working on #3.

Right?! 2020 needs to come correct with a do-over.

Alright, one more math joke from the mom who struggles with math before distance learning wraps up tomorrow!

Just a few funnies for the month of May! I hope to keep up with my daily posting, but I may just have to take this week day by day! Have a great week!

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