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March Monday Memes

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?? Thankfully, the weather was beautiful, so we could get out in the fresh air! I’ve taken the time to go for a daily walk, the kids have played outside, and Travis did some yard work.

Well, today is the day we were to hop on a plane for NYC. Sigh. But…lots of us had to put our plans on hold, and obviously it’s the least we can do in order to stay healthy and do our part in knocking out this pandemic.

So, after today’s meme post, I wasn’t going to post the rest of the week since we’d be out of town..but now, I think I will just keep chugging along with blog posts this week.

Because we all need a laugh or two, I thought I’d share some funny memes.

Yep. Don’t know how to play chess. And don’t know how to navigate this “new normal.”

The rearrangement of the grocery story meme takes on all new meaning with people and their “shop til they drop” attitude. On a bright note, I did spot about ten packages of toilet paper at Kroger yesterday. That’s the most TP I’ve seen on the shelves in a month.

To be honest, I’ve always been the type to turn down the radio…for any reason. haha

This one made me laugh out loud. I’m wondering how many relationships are being tested these days 😉

Truth! Also, I’ve been having the craziest dreams lately—and remembering them. The dreams aren’t scary (or I guess they’d be called nightmares!), but just the most random stuff…like being in line to play golf at a golf course….and also having dinner with Queen Elizabeth!

This one is how I felt last Friday. This week is technically Spring Break, but I’m sure we will keep up with 30 minutes of math and 30 minutes of reading each day. It’s the least the kids can do!

Well, that’s it for this month’s memes! I hope you have a great week.

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5 thoughts on “March Monday Memes

  1. I am loving all of the memes! People have been so creative. I am sorry about your NYC trip. My son is supposed to sing in Carnegie Hall in NYC in June but? I go back and forth between wondering if I am being too paranoid or if I am not being careful enough. I finally went in Kroger yesterday a.m. I went to a park Saturday. Other than that, I have only done curbside. And, is all my care for nothing because my husband is still going to work? My boys have been amazing. They just accept this for what it is and seem fine.

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    1. I’m trying to navigate all this too. My kids haven’t left the house in two weeks. I’ve only left a couple times for groceries. We’ve only gotten take out twice, etc. I didn’t wipe down my groceries, but now I think I will next time. Social media has been hard because I don’t like some of the sides of some people I’m seeing. It’s a time to be kind & considerate not judgmental and harsh with words and tone. I think I’m going to take a social media break this week & at least definitely not check as often . I love Andy’s updates but I even skipped last night’s 5:00 because I just needed a break

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      1. My kids went to a park with us and a picnic and they have ridden in car to do curbside pick up. I agree and should just delete my Facebook app but I do like the memes and funny stuff. I stayed off of my phone for most of the day yesterday and it made a huge difference. If I keep it on the charger that seems to help. I don’t know if I can handle Andy’s updates going forward. It seems so Hunger Games with the count? I’m not trying to bury my head in the sand but mental health is so important. Good luck with your week. We have been blessed with awesome weather!

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