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Dad Daughter Dance

Hadley’s favorite night of the year is the annual Dad/Daughter Dance. This is the fourth year for her to go with Travis (and a group of their friends) to the dance.

We are 4 for 4 with finding a reasonably priced dress in a matter of minutes at Target. I remember the first year we went out looking for a dress, she suggested going to TJ Maxx first. #raisingherright 😂Anyway, thanks to the Cat and Jack brand at Target, we have been lucky to find something each year.

This year, at the last minute, I took her to get shoes (Hayden needed new tennis shoes, so we tackled that too)…Y’all, she fell in love with a pair of fuchsia flats IN THE WOMEN’S section of the store. She’s officially outgrown kids’ shoe sizes! Anyway, they were half price, they fit, and she loved them (and can wear them in the future), so we got them.

Also, she always has a vision for how she wants her hair. Fun fact: I’m THE WORST at hair and makeup. Thankfully, all she needed me for was a little blush, mascara and a few curls after she put her hair in a top knot. I can’t believe how grown up she looks every year…I know I’m going to blink and we’ll be shopping for a prom dress.

Dinner is provided (pasta, bread sticks, drinks) at the dance as well as dessert….and dancing with her dad and friends…What more could a girl ask for?

2017 Dad Daughter Dance

2018 Dad Daughter Dance

2019 Dad Daughter Dance

2020 Dad Daughter Dance

We usually meet at someone’s house for pics and then the moms and little brothers hang out while the dads and daughters go to the dance. This year, Hayden was the only brother, and he had baseball anyway…so that’s how we spent our time during the dance…at the indoor baseball facility. After the dance (and baseball), we all hung out for a bit. The dance is a great excuse to get together with friends.

We took a few pics at home before leaving to meet up with friends.
Homer wondered why he wasn’t invited to the dance! (& I kept holding my breath hoping he wouldn’t snag her tights! haha)
I always joke that I hope this isn’t how they are dressed for prom in 2027
Hayden made sure to show Hadley his best dance moves!

Love these two so much.

Travis buys Hadley corsage every year. One of the things I love the most about Travis is what an amazing dad he is to both Hayden and Hadley.

The awesome dads and their beautiful daughters.

These little ladies are just the best crew!

Silly pic!

The dance had a photo booth, and I kept receiving a link to cute pics all night long!

I hope the girls have a few more years left of the Dad and Daughter Dance. I know these are precious memories for both the daughters and their dads.

I hope you are having a great week. Thanks for reading!!


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