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Happy Monday! Long time, no talk! Because…the flu tried to kill me! I was so sick last week…I even missed the entire week of school. Hadley was sick as well for a couple of days. I think she shared her germs with me ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m feeling much more like myself, but very thankful for this 3 day weekend to get back on track with life while continuing to get my energy back as well.

Before I got sick, sweet Travis threw me a surprise 40th birthday party on Saturday, January 11. I was shocked; I had no clue. At all. I was genuinely touched at the friends and family who were at the Bear and the Butcher (one of our favorite places) to help celebrate.

When we got home that evening, Travis said he’d been planning it for weeks, and of course wanted to include as many friends who have been in our lives through the years. I so appreciate his thoughtfulness!

Me with Travis, long time friends and our sweet sitter, some of my “mom” friends who are the best, and my neighbor friends. I’m so blessed.
Travis and I with some of the best long time friends!
My brother, sister-in-law, myself and Travis

Iโ€™ve felt pretty indifferent about turning 40, but I did have a few goals for myself before turning the big 4-0. This past year, I focused on finding a church home for our family, and I feel like we’ve found a place that’s a great fit for us. Also, starting this blog was another one of my major goals. My only regret is not starting it sooner!

I’m also working to find the time to make working out and clean eating a priority again. I’ve done so for the past few years, but November/December (and now the beginning of January) proved to be quite hectic and I’ve put those good habits on the back burner a bit. I do love to work out. I feel so much better while eating clean and getting exercise in 4-5 days a week. I’m going to continue getting back on track with healthy eating and get those workouts in after I get my energy back from the flu!

All last week, Travis was Super Dad taking the kids to activities and practices while also helping with homework and finishing up the kids’ school Science Fair Projects. Thursday night, I couldn’t attend Science Fair Night, but Travis sent me the pics of the kids with the good news! Hayden received Honorable Mention on his project and Hadley is moving on to the district competition. They really put in so much time and effort, but I’m the most proud of their presentations. I know both kids were pretty nervous talking to the judges on Thursday, so I’m proud of them for pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone (especially Hayden who is pretty quiet and shy) After school on Thursday, when I asked Hayden how the judging went, he said, “Good, but my face was as red as an apple!” haha

Honorable mention
Hadley – on to districts!

Sunday was a big day in our house. Since I’m from Kansas City, I’ve been a Chiefs fan for my entire life! Of course, that means both kids are too (especially Hayden—Patrick Mahomes is his fave!) We cheered the Chiefs on during the AFC Championship game, and now they are on to the Super B O W L! Hayden said, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this!” (Me too, kid. Me too.)

(Ma) Homer! #thereisnoplacelikeMahomes
Post-victory celebration

Just watching the game, I exerted more energy than I had in the entire week. haha

That’s just a peek at our Life Lately. I hope you have great week. I’m so ready to get back into a normal routine.

Take care,


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