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Weekend Top 5

This weekend was filled with fun, festivities, family, friends, and sports (of course!) Here’s the Top 5 from our weekend.

Friday, after school, the kids and I volunteered to ring the Salvation Army bell at Kroger for our church. We had a good time and witnessed, first hand, the generosity of our community. (Then, when our shift was over, we went into the store for a few things…where they spent two minutes arguing about wavy or original Lays chips. Rock, paper, scissors decides all…Hadley “won” and got the original Lays. #givingandfighting #balance haha)

Friday night, Hadley went to a sleepover and the rest of us went to Trav’s work Christmas party. Great food, great company, and a bonus visit with Ho Ho. (And, on our way out, we bumped into some friends we haven’t seen a while which was such a pleasant surprise!)

Hadley needs a social secretary to keep up with her calendar. In the meantime, Hayden got one on one time with Santa

Basketball season has started! Win or lose, these two are so excited to each be on the same team as their besties this year. So fun to watch them all play.

We are so blessed to have awesome neighbors who we also call great friends. Krista outdid herself hosting. The place settings were gorgeous and she served beef bourguignon while the rest of us brought sides, salad, and dessert. The adults and kids had a wonderful time.

My dream job would be to decorate cookies and be as talented as Maddie (of Maddie’s Cookie Co) is with her creativity and decorating skills. The closest I can get to that dream is by occasionally taking her cookie decorating classes. I’ve gone to a couple of the classes with friends and this is the third time I’ve taken Hadley to one of her classes. On Sunday, Hadley and I went to her Christmas cookie Mom and Me class, and our friends joined us as well.

Hadley and her sweet friend
The event space is always so pretty. Maddie always provides a cheat sheet of the final product and a practice sheet as well as snacks and water.
Hadley with her finished products!
House, gum drop, gingerbread boy and girl, Christmas tree, and peppermint
We did all of this in the one and half hour class!
Maddie’s example cookies. Exquisite!

Hadley has really gotten the hang of both outlining and flooding, so I don’t do much but help when she asks me to. The cookies are so pretty …almost too pretty to eat!! BUT…they are delicious and too hard to resist.

Two more weeks of school before break…I think I can. I think I can. I think I can!

I hope you had a great weekend, and, as always, thank you for reading!


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