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Weekend Top 5

Although, (per usual), we were busy this weekend, it wasn’t all about the athletic activities. We had a good mix of family time, down time, and even an adult night out with friends!

Friday evening started off with Hayden having an indoor soccer game against his bestie!

While Travis and Hayden were at the soccer game, Hadley and I went to the kids’ sitter’s performance.

Movement Continuum performed Neverland which also included aerialists. The music, the performance, and the aerialists captivated our attention the entire time! I’d never been to this theater and arts center downtown, and it was a special place to visit!

We’ve known our sitter since she was five years old, and dancing has always been a part of her life! Hadley was so excited to see her perform; she didn’t take her eyes off the stage for a second.

On Saturday, Hayden and Hadley celebrated their cousin’s 9th birthday! He’s one year and one day younger than Hayden and Hadley. Lots of November birthdays in this family.

Saturday night, we met up with friends for pizza and then went to an ax throwing place; it was definitely more fun than I thought it would be. We have some friends moving to Michigan soon, so this was a chance to get together with them and all hang out. Believe it or not, the guys organized this activity…haha…and someone suggested we wear plaid (flannel was a bonus) , and we were very committed to the Paul Bunyan lumberjack theme!

The ladies held their own!

I even got a bullseye! (It went downhill from there!)

I saw this idea on an Instagram story of a local cake decorator, and thought it sounded easy, fun, and delicious. I found the mini cast iron skillets on Amazon, and then just bought chocolate chip cookie dough to put in them and baked them for 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees. Then, we added a scoop of ice cream to the top. The skillet cookies were a great way to cap off our weekend!


The highlight of Homerโ€™s weekend was that we took him to get a bath and have his nails trimmed. Hadley was in charge of the water for 30 seconds and more water ended up out of the tub rather than in the tub…just ask Hayden ๐Ÿ˜‚

I hope you have a great week!


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