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Weekend Top 5

I usually take one day at a time, but all last week I was so looking forward to this weekend….mostly because we only had one activity that we were committed to, and that was Hayden’s soccer game on Saturday. The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping in a bit, doing some chores, reading, and running errands…but it was nice to feel like I actually had the time to do those things rather than squeezing them in between other events and activities.

I’m starting the Top 5 Weekend post off early with a Thursday night soccer game. Hayden had been wanting to go to one of my school’s soccer games, and our boys team is ranked pretty high, so they were fun to watch and we cheered them to a victory.

Hayden had a soccer game on Saturday. His team worked really well together, and they came out on top with a win…I’m looking forward to a time when he doesn’t have a game in 85 degree heat!

On Friday, after school, I stopped by my favorite local place to pick up pumpkins for our front porch. I know the weather is still hot, but I’ve been known to purchase pumpkins Labor Day weekend, so I certainly showed great restraint while waiting this long! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love the stackable pumpkins and had a few extra minutes to look around and pick up a couple of other extra gourds, striped and mini pumpkins as well.

When I arrived home, I got my cardio in as no one volunteered to help me lug these from the car to the porch!

Friday night, the kids’ school’s PTA hosted Family Movie Night where they showed Horton Hears a Who! The kids watch the movie and/or run around while the parents socialize a bit. It’s always a fun event.

All you can eat popcorn!

Saturday morning, Hadley and I hit up Trader Joe’s while Hayden and Travis took Homer to get a bath and his nails trimmed.

I feel like I cook a variety of things for dinner, but sometimes get stuck in a rut. So, once a month, I like to go to Trader Joe’s and wander around to sort of plan dinners by what I see and what looks good. Of course, we had to purchase a few pumpkin items (It was Hadley’s idea, I swear!)

Photo cred: Hadley

The beef sirloin and bacon cheddar ranch are new items that I’ve never tried. I’m hoping the sirloin will be an easy Monday night dinner with Trader Joe’s risotto that I already had in my freezer.

I love the burritos and picked up a couple. They are easy to heat up for lunch. I also love the Roasted Red Pepper soup and saw on another blog that Andrea, at Momfessionals, mentioned putting in a dollop or two of Boursin Garlic and Herb cheese. Lastly, Hadley picked up the baked cheese crunchies.

For one of our low carb dinners this week, I’m going to try this quick recipe that I saw on an Insta Story. Shelby with Glitter and Gingham is a local Lexington blogger and I saw her post about putting carnitas and salsa verde in the crockpot for 3-4 hours on low and serve with this salad. The kids will eat tacos, but I will follow her recipe idea.

A few of the pumpkin/fall items we picked up were pumpkin: bisque, bagels, cream cheese, and waffles. Hadley couldn’t resist the fall leaf chips.

I can confirm the bagel and cream cheese are next level delish.

Saturday night, I was on the struggle bus of allergies and sinuses, but I rallied for dinner at a new local taco place. Travis had taken the kids there, but I hadn’t been yet. Hadley was at a sleepover and by the time we left for dinner it was already 7:30. So, we chose the Painted Taco to get a quick bite to eat…plus, Travis and Hayden could watch some football on the tvs there.

I joked that we brought Travis pay for dinner and take our picture ๐Ÿ˜‰

And–here’s Hadley and some of the crew having fun before the sleepover. These girls are the sweetest, and I’m sure Hadley was having more fun with them!

I always appreciate it when friends share pics with all the fun activities.

Sunday was spent prepping for the week ahead: church, grocery store order pick up, laundry, and a few other to do list items (with a side of me trying to get a handle on my allergies, finishing a book, and trying to get caught up on a show or two)

Sunday best
Homerโ€™s Sunday best (behavior!)

Happy Monday!


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